iPhone 5 beat Samsung Galaxy S4 in ‘Smartphone Torture Test’

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is the new company’s flagship that is about to take the hot of the market, but just this morning, the phone insurance firm SquareTrade discovered that the new Samsung device cannot stand the Apple iPhone 5 in terms of durability.

The phone insurance company set three major smartphone into durability test, two of Samsung’s hot, and one from Apple; the Galaxy S4, Galaxy S3 and the Apple’s iPhone 5 were tortured to see the last man standing. The test is not to condemn or mock any smartphone maker, but to establish the perils smartphone usually face in the hands of every consumer.

To test the case strength, the smartphone were dropped from a height, they skidded them across tables to test slide ability, and submerged them in water to test how far they will survive if fell in a pool.

The three smartphone scored “Medium Risk” at the end of SquareTrade’s evaluation. The worst numerical result goes to Galaxy S4, and the iPhone 5 even beats the Galaxy S3. On the numerical scale of 1 to 10, as 10 being the worst score, the iPhone 5 scored 5, the Galaxy S3 got 6.5 while the new Galaxy S4 went up to 7.

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A free fall of 4-foot was performed for the drop test, the screen on the Galaxy S4 and S3 showed cracking as their plastic casing tried enough to absorb the fall, in fact, those casing displayed a low friction coefficient, while in the slide test, they showed to go farther than the Apple’s iPhone aluminum uni-body.

During the submersion test, the Galaxy S4 and iPhone gallantly survived as they still perform their normal function after the baptism, played video and audio as normal even while still frog men. The galaxy S3 couldn’t survive, although it was showing video, but it speakers gave up the ghost.

SquareTrade also used the devices’ ergonomics in grading, they assumed that phones that are easy to grip won’t likely slip out of the user’s hand. The iPhone 5 got a good score in this measure, while the S3 and S4 were close to failing woefully. The three devices were rated neutral based on their weight, and based on the overall size, they got poor results.

According to SquareTrade’s data, one out of three smartphone owners breaks the device within one year, one out of five Americans will buy the new Samsung Galaxy S4 but one out of eight buyers will break it within a period of six month.

The statistical analysis between iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4

iPhone 5 beat Samsung Galaxy S4 and S3 in 'Smartphone Torture Test' by Square Trade

Statistical analysis video for iPhone 5, Samsung Galaxy S3 and S4 video

Do you agree with SquareTrade’s argument in ‘Smartphone Torture Test’? Has your Galaxy S3 got spoilt because it fell in a spring and how has your iPhone 5 been fairing? Have you been saving money to buy the Galaxy S4? Share your mind in the comment box below!


20 responses to “iPhone 5 beat Samsung Galaxy S4 in ‘Smartphone Torture Test’”

  1. Shaneali Mawji Avatar
    Shaneali Mawji

    Could you post an article that compares the Lumia 920 to the Samsung S4 and iPhone 5?

    I made the switch and feel it is a much more solid phone. Aside from the battery becoming slightly loose which creates a knocking sound whenever the phone bumps around.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Sure Shaneali, subscribe to stay up to date.

  2. Nimy Avatar

    Another gadget from samsung that are lost to Apple gadget in the test. But one of my surprise are S3 are better than S4 in that test. Really hope Samsung can do better in the future.

  3. Michael Avatar

    These two smartphones are so advanced. Both companies are great, I personally use an Android I just find it more open to different features. Apple in general is a user friendly platform but not so customizable as Android is.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Thanks for the excellent comment you have just posted. I really appreciate your voice man 🙂

  4. Alok Krishali Avatar
    Alok Krishali

    Yes Apples product are great in quality as wel as in features till now..

  5. Olivia Slater Avatar

    Apple company is not only do work hard on software but now they work hard with their hardware. Sounds like good for apple fans.

  6. Daniel Marsh Avatar

    It proves that apple series phones are more stronger than the samsung series phone. Even than people prefer samsung series phone. Less durability means change the phone within a short period and now users don’t prefer durable phone. That’s the reason samsung’s sale is increasing.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      You have good point Daniel. Thanks for commenting

  7. Piyush Avatar

    it such a good phone..
    its android and clarity will make me crazy and also have a good touch pad…

  8. edno Avatar

    I have always trusted Apple products over Samsung. Most Android phones are cheap plastic. Even gorilla glass is prone to scratches even though the company claims it is resistant. You can’t compare with Apple’s build quality. No one else matches it, but HTC is probably a close second. So even though I actually like Android better than iOS, i always by iphone because the phones last for a long time.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Yes, you have a great point. Gorilla glass isn’t that powerful compared to Apple’s offer but at times, Apple stuffs suck you know?

      My iPad 3 screen cracked few days ago just to show you that everything has its merits and demerits.

      BTW, thanks for commenting here Edno 🙂

  9. mshakeelbrothers Avatar

    very helpful and great and useful article thank for sharing

  10. Rajesh Jhamb Avatar
    Rajesh Jhamb

    now samsung is coming with anoother flagship device that is samsung Galaxy Note 3. It may be most powerful smartphone yet.

  11. Jitesh Patil Avatar
    Jitesh Patil

    Samsung gallaxy which is best.

    Thanks to post .

  12. manu Avatar

    Still a samsung fan

  13. shyantan Avatar

    I like Samsung galaxy S4 more then Apple iphone5.
    i thing S4 have better features then iphone. and in my country iphone does not work well . it does not fit in my choice

    1. Olukunle Moses Avatar
      Olukunle Moses

      The Galaxy S4 will be a good choice for your location, the S3 is still great and rocking the market.

      Thanks for your comment.

  14. RachelSmith Avatar

    Its Great to see Samsung giving a competition to Apple.The new Samsung device really gonna boom up the gadget market.just wait and watch guys.

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