The Fall Of A Empire? How iPhones Might Fall To Windows Phones

At the moment, iPhones are trendy and ubiquitous, present in the hands of nearly every young person, businessman, and tech savvy guru across the country. However, the tides of technology are changing, and Windows is gradually eroding away at Apple’s huge lead in the market. Could Windows eventually become the market leader? Some experts in smartphones believe that the Windows operating system, coupled with rapid changes in phone features and technology, could lead to a long-term Windows victory in the United phones 8

The Development of Windows Phones

It is rare that Microsoft enters a sector as an underdog, but this is exactly what happened when Microsoft released the first Windows phone in 2010. Apple had already achieved a stranglehold on the market, but its position as a market leader had led to its stagnation. For once, Microsoft took the stage as the innovative underdog, and it has gradually refined its Windows phone system to its current iteration: Windows Phone 8.

Advantages of Windows Phones
Windows Phone 8 is integrated with all of Windows other services and products, making it perfect for the vast majority of American computer owners who use the Microsoft Windows operating system on their own home computers. While Apple iPhones can technically be synchronized with Windows computers, they work far better with Apple computers which are usually more expensive and less appropriate for business usage.

Windows Phone 8 has a very useful and aesthetically pleasing interface that is much more customizable than Android or IOS. Apple’s operating system is rigid and difficult to modify, while Windows Phone 8 has a long list of ways that users can personalize their phones and make them more useful for business or pleasure. Windows phones appeal to the casual sector of phone users with their easy interfaces and clear documentation as well as the “prosumer” class of customer with technology and features that are vastly superior to Apple’s relatively old iPhone devices. Microsoft opens up its operating system to far more manufacturers, making money on the operating systems rather than on the phones themselves, so there is more competition among Windows Phones and a broader variety of features available.

Popular Windows Smartphones

The most common Windows phones are manufactured by HTC and Nokia, with around half of all Windows phones offered on “Straight Talk” “T-Mobile” and other prepaid plans. Windows phones tend to occupy the more moderately priced sector of the market, making them perfect for consumers who do not want to sign long phone contracts with the major carriers. For only $70-200, a consumer can purchase a Windows phone and can sign up with a pay-by-the-minute service like Virgin or Cricket.

The Future of Windows Phones
The future of Windows Phones is up in the air, but it is still possible that there might be some major chances to Microsoft’s strategy in the future. At the moment, Microsoft is guaranteeing support for their phones through 2014, but they have not announced any further upgrades to their operating systems. Some of the manufacturers that used to support Windows Phones have changed their minds, so Microsoft is looking to add additional partners in emerging markets like China. If you would like try out a windows phone please look into windows phones and try it out for yourself.





5 responses to “The Fall Of A Empire? How iPhones Might Fall To Windows Phones”

  1. Rajib Kumar Avatar
    Rajib Kumar

    I have a Windows phone (Lumia 520) and I am satisfied with it.

    1. Olukunle Moses Avatar
      Olukunle Moses

      Sure Rajib,
      The Lumia 520 is smart enough. You already got a good machine.

  2. Pritam Avatar

    Which are better ones right now. samsung or windows ( nokia ) ? when I am selecting phone in below 20,000

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Nokia phones are the best when it comes to lower prices compared to Samsung. But it now depends on features that you’d love to see embedded into your phone. BTW, are you referring to 20,000 USD (:)) or 20,000 rupees?

      Thanks for coming around Pritam

  3. Andrei Avatar

    Windows Phones are indeed pretty awesome, but at the moment they have pretty much work to do in order to be a real competitor for Android or iOS. Anyway, let’s see what Microsoft’s plans are for the future…

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