Is Your Blackberry Slow or Hanging? Here’s How To Fix The Issue

Is Your Blackberry smart phone working slowly or hanging?

I’ve just discovered the viable solution that deals with this issue immediately, once and for all, for all blackberry users in Nigeria and the rest of the world.

Like every computer workstations we are using at our various homes, there’s something called log file inside them. This tiny application keeps all the records of the computer activities; daily, weekly, monthly and yearly basis.

According to Wikipedia, “a log (or log file) is a small file that records either the events which happen while an operating system or other software runs, or the personal messages between different users of a communication software or a multi player game.”

The act of storing usage data on your machine is known as logging, and this is what I will be talking about, which has been the cause of your PC’s slow performance in this short tutorial session.

Every smart devices like laptops, desktops, palmtops, tablets and smartphones, which is our focal point today, has something called log.

Well, the simple truth there is:

“Every action, process on your blackberry phone is automatically logged”

Whenever you check your email, browse and chat on Facebook, send out tweets using Twitter, chat on Yahoo! Messenger, or whenever you send and receive pings using the popular BlackBerry Messenger, there’s going to be some series of log files record which contains all processes of those actions, and they are logged in the Blackberry Event Logs.

For a smartphone with lesser RAM (see How to Increase Random Access Memory), immediately as your device hit some certain levels within it available space, it tells on the phone with a negative signal that will definitely reduce the overall speed.

This is the kind of time when the phone will takes longer than expected time to boot.

How to Clear Blackberry Event Log Register To Create Space

In order to clear your blackberry event log register so as to create space for processes to run smoothly, kindly master the steps I will be revealing below.

Steps to Clear Blackberry Phone Event Log
1. On your blackberry device, hold-down the ALT key and press LGLG (without giving a space)  while on your BB Home screen. See the picture below.

Blackberry ALT Key

2. If the phone takes longer to display the information requested, do not panic. It may be because you have a lot of errors presently stored on the device. In this case, you will have to wait a little while until the phones comes up with the event logs. The event log will looks like the image below.

Blackberry error log with ALT key + LGLG key

3. Now that you’ve seen the error logs that are presently on your device, you are to delete them to give peace. To do this, click the MENU button on your blackberry and select “clear log” from the options to delete all your blackberry phone log. Immediately you finish this process, you will notice a significant increment in your device’s performance. 100% increase in speed and performance guaranteed!

Confirm this and let me know if you encounter challenges while trying it in the comment section below.

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