Jessica Alba spotted with Nokia Lumia 920 before its November 4 launch

Jessica Alba spotted with Nokia Lumia 920 before launch

jessica alba lumia 920

One of the greatest marketing strategies that is being used by smartphone and gadget manufacturers in the world is freebies!

It is an act by marketers to giveaway a certain product to actors and actresses or top notch personalities in the economy in order to create buzz for the product before it is finally released for everyone.

Of the recent, Jessica Alba, a well-known Ā actress was spotted with the Nokia 920 before its launch which has been slated for November 4th .

To be candid, Microsoft have great marketing team with great marketing strategy to say the truth!

Giving away their product (the Nokia Lumia 920) to an actress like Jessica Alba will help surely and in no time help create buzz for the device because she won’t charge them to use the phone whereby she’s in one way or the other doing advertisement for the company unintentionally. šŸ™‚

I’m very sure the guys at Microsoft’s marketing department were thrilled with this new picture of actress, Jessica Alba, walking around with a brand new Nokia device, Nokia Lumia 920, running the latest Microsoft’s Windows OS.

And another thing I like about Microsoft’s Actor & Actress marketing strategy is that the company is portraying a VIP’s product type of a thing.

Because, for a million dollars earner like Jessica Alba using this phone and being proud to take it everywhere she’s going, it means the phone is awesome.

Isn’t it?

And at the end of the time, some of Jessica Alba’s supporter could be forced to buy the phone in order to show their love to Jessica or their addiction to her style, which in return will bring about more sales and popularity to the product while the company spend nothing on marketing of the product

Hey guys, you are great! Thumbs up for you at Microsoft! You have done a great work putting your phone in her hands!

Launch date for Nokia Lumia 920

The phone is coming next month, November 4th and it is exclusive to AT&T in the U.S.

SourceĀ Phonearena

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