Jotly App Available for Android to Rate Everything You See

If you love to be a detractor, you are good at this latest news. Firespotter, LLC had just developed an Android App for all Android OS users named, ‘Jotly’.  Jotly app is now officially available for all Android Smart phone and Tablet users and some other OS as well.

With this new app, you can rate anything that you see with your eyes. Within a minute, you can just take a snap of what you’re seeing around you with your device camera using the new and recently released Jotly app for Android users – you can publish your contents and give them ratings and description before you then share them with your friends on social site like Facebook and Twitter.

Before you can use the app, you will have to sign in and there is no confirmation required before you can. The ratings ranges from A+ (B/C/D/F), A & A-. And the developer has just published the Jotly app API, so that you can share and exchange your photos.

It comes with a features such as my comments, nearby, my likes, view recent, my jots and my commented easily. Immediately you submit your pictures into the user interface for publication, you will get those pictures inside your Jotly account.

Jotly app install

You can just take an instant photo snaps or better still; you can as well select items from your device.

“My creators, forward-thinking as they are, conjured me up from what was, in essence, a tongue-in-cheek video parody of Silicon Valley’s variation-on-a-theme approach to start-ups,” said Jotly. “Imagine their surprise when I became sought after by Android users. And the rest, as they say, stays in Vegas.”

Below are the following features and things you can do with Jotly App:

  • You can easily search for nearby items that may be just a fluff and post it in Jotly and it will return you with help concerning your search
  • You can easily find the best and some things that are worst in your place and just take a note of them – Jot them all down.
  • You can easily share your stuffs online with your friend throughout the world.
  • If you share more jot and have more likes and comments on it, the better it will be for you because it will help you become the “Top Jotter” faster.
  • You can easily use it everywhere you are on your device once you have your android phone enabled.

Jotly app is in version 1.0 – its early version and it requires Android 2.2 and any other higher version before you can download the app for free.

To access this app, you need to scan the QR code embedded below to download and install this app on your Android device directly. You can also check the short video below to see how you can easily use Jotly app on your device.

qr code for jotly app

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