What Role can Parental Controls Play in Keeping Children Safe?

No matter how modern or cool-headed parent you are at times kids push it too far and it they can become a bit handful. Just pointing out kids’ mistakes isn’t a solution to your parental challenges. It’s better to mentor and monitor them and keep them safe with the best possible effort. Keeping children safe is parents’ priority which could be made easier with parental apps.

Keeping children safe in the 21st century era of smart kids; smart technologies

Keeping Children Safe

Importance of keeping an eye

For kids to grow better, both the support of a parent and positive self-image are important. You have to be their role model and guide and train them to excel in this challenging world. The kids who get the attention and supervision from their parents are less likely to become victims of low self-esteem and depression. Moreover, if your will keep a friendly relationship, they can share any problem they face and you could fix it.

Have a look at the Infographic showing the importance of mentoring and monitoring kids.How does Mentoring Help Kids

Well, see how interesting this Infographic is. It’s quite motivating. So instead of looking only at the challenges, try to concentrate on positivity as well. It shows that 46% teenagers who are mentored make less mistakes and abuse drugs than those who don’t get proper counseling. Moreover, 27% are less likely to use alcohol and 52% are less likely to skip the school. Mentoring and monitoring both are linked, so keep the pace with changing time and be a wise parent and avail the opportunities of this digital age.

Mentored and monitored kids are safer

You can keep your younger ones happier and safer by monitoring them 24/7. Monitoring and counseling is so convenient today to monitor kids. So don’t hesitate to try something new and “be a smart parent in this smart world.” I heard of a parental app from one of my friends and got to know that it worked very well for her. Then I made my effort to test this and found it pretty useful. Have a look at these and you might like to give it a shot.

FamilyTime app with parental control features

FamilyTime can enable you to:

  • Check their location.
  • Check their entire Web history.
  • Check their mobile activities including the call logs and their contacts.
  • Watchlist any harmful contacts or websites.
  • Block any dangerous app on their phone.

Go on being a caring parent – keep kids safe!

We are living in the world having risks at every next turn so try to mentor your kids closely and monitor them round the clock. Keeping children safe is becoming a vital need of the time and for this you can enjoy FamilyTime app very economically. Let the good time rolling with this friendly app.

Keeping children safe in spite of all odds is a bit overwhelming, but that shouldn’t make you think it is not worth it. It will all be worth it if you spend enough quality time to study how your children could be kept safe using the FamilyTime app.

Let us ruminate together and discuss more keeping children safe in this 21st century era of smart kids, smart technologies.





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  1. Jackie Parks Avatar
    Jackie Parks

    I did do your advice by using FamilyTime app to control my kids, and realize that it goes beyond my expectation. The app permits me to monitor my children’s mobile activities and GPS location, while they are still able to stay connected with me and send alerts if they are in need of my help right there. Thanks a lot!

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