Keeping Your Laptop and Other Tech Gear Safe While Traveling

Although you’re probably leaving work at home when heading off for a vacation, chances are you’re still bringing a decent amount of your technology with you. It’s nice to get out of the office, but that laptop, tablet and smartphone can certainly come in handy when you’re navigating distant lands. But how do you keep all of that gear safe? You’ve invested a ton of money in your tech gadgets, and you don’t want to see any of it get up and walk away in the middle of your relaxing vacation.

But you’ve also got tons of important information stored on those devices, such as photos, videos and music. Losing those precious items could be devastating as well. If you’re determined to bring your laptop and tech gear with you on your next holiday, here are a couple of tips to help you keep them all safe.

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If a savvy thief does happen to get their hands on your gear while you’re traveling, the last thing you want is for them to be able to access your personal information. Password protection will be your best support in those instances. All laptops, tablets and smartphones can be locked to use pending the input of a password, so make sure you take advantage of that option. For added safety, try to change up your passwords every six months, and don’t make them anything obvious, such as your address, birthday or phone number. In addition, explore apps for your tablet and smartphone that can alert you if your device is stolen. Some security apps will allow you to track the device through its GPS system, to shut it down remotely, or even to make it emit a siren.

You should also consider investing in locking mechanisms, which will come in handy in situations where you must leave a laptop or tablet behind in your hotel room. You should always lock up that gear in a safe, but if that’s not an option, you can purchase a lock that connects directly to your device, with a metal lanyard that can be wrapped around a sturdy bedpost or bathroom pipe. The casual thief won’t have the time or the ability to get away with your gear, and you’ll rest easy even when you have to go out without your precious devices.

When you are carrying your laptop and tech devices around with you, try to make them inconspicuous. You should purchase a high-end laptop case to protect it from falls, but consider carrying that case inside a more nondescript backpack, so it’s not obvious you have an expensive laptop with you. Smartphones should always be carried in your pocket or bag, and not on your belt. And tablets should never be left unattended. It’s just all too easy for someone to walk off with them.

Finally, do whatever is necessary to back up your precious data, so if a piece of hardware does end up damaged, it won’t mean you’ve lost all of your holiday pictures or years of accumulated music. Back everything up on a hard drive before you leave home, and then take a portable drive with you on your trip, to periodically back up any new content you pick up along the way. Always use a cell phone screen protector to help avoid damage, as well as a sleeve to keep your tablet safe. You can’t always prevent accidents from happening, but you can minimize the trouble they cause by properly accessorizing all of your expensive tech gear.

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