How to Ensure Your Kids are Safe Online

Do your kids enjoy browsing the internet like you do, or more than you do? Do you find out that your kids average up to 3 hours on the internet every day? I bet you must have answered “yes” to one of the above questions. Better than the average adult does, research has shown that kids enjoy spending time on the internet a lot.

For an adult to go online, it’s either strictly for research purpose of for some appointments that requires the internet. But that isn’t the case for kids. Kids love and cherish the excitement the internet provides them with, and that alone prompts them to go to the internet every day making them become addicted to it.

While, it might be fun for kids, the internet also has its dangers and could be a potential evil to your kids if you have no internet security measure in place for them.

In this article, I’ll be sharing some tips on how to go about ensuring the safety of your kids on the internet and make sure they are not exposed to online threats.

make your kids save while browsing online
make your kids save while browsing online

Install an Active Internet Monitoring Software

Most of the time, we parents are not aware of the kind of websites our children view in our absence.

There are many internet monitoring applications on the internet that can help you keep track of your kids’ activities on the internet. You can get most of them for a little fee; but with a coupon or discount code for Webwatcher, verisign and Norton 360, I’m sure you’ll be getting the best internet monitoring software without hurting your budget.

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Benefits of internet Monitoring Software on Kids’ Computers

  • Keeps you informed about your children’s online activities.
  • Helps you keep track and record of their online activities.
  • Warns you, beforehand, of any possible threats or dangers your kids may encounter online.

Get an Antivirus

I’ve seen many parents allow their children to use computers without installing any antivirus program on it. This can lead to insecurity as the computer is prone to eavesdropping and intrusion from strangers on the internet.

Using a computer without an antivirus exposes your kids to more online threats than you can imagine. You don’t want your kids visiting malign websites or interacting with strangers on the internet, but a virus on their computer could load harmful websites without their consent, which could pose potential danger to them.

Now, you want a good and reliable antivirus to prevent or stop that from happening to your kids when they are online. Norton 360 is a good bet for anyone in need of a reliable antivirus program for their kids’ computer.

Benefits of Using an Antivirus

  • Blocks virus attack.
  • Prevents any form of intrusion.
  • Protects you kids against online threats and its dangers.

Teach Children Internet Safety

Teaching your children internet safety is one of the best ways to ensure they are fully safe and secure when online. You may not know what they face and whom they meet with when they log on to the internet.

Research has shown that predators take advantage of children’s ignorance of the online world to exploit and torment them.

Teach you kids about what to and what not to do online. Most importantly, teach them to always use nicknames when online as revealing their real names and address could be potentially dangerous to them. More so, if children use nicknames on the internet they are going to be more confident than when using their real names.

Help your children fight against online exploitation, sexual harassment and child pornography by teaching them to stay off from strangers online. Study their moods every time and encourage them to share all their experiences online with you.

Also teach your kids to report any form of threat they encounter to you.

Benefits of Teaching Kids Internet safety

  • Helps prevent your kids from being exposed to child pornography.
  • Protects them from being extorted online.
  • Keeps them emotionally healthy.

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