Klout Acquires Blockboard (off news)

Klout, the popular social networking tracking service has recently acquired Blockboard in order to be able to serve users better.

According to Klout’s blog post, this acquisition is the first of its kind for the company since its exception and it is very important to the progress of the company at this present time.

According to the post on Klout, it reads thus; “to keep driving toward our mission of unlocking every user’s influence, we need to make Klout useful and accessible wherever they are – whether they’re at home or on the go.”

Blockboard, over the years has built a marvellous local mobile app that easily connects neighbours to build a stronger community through the power of technology. As featured on TechCrunch and AllThingsD, the service really is a top notch takeover for Klout.

klout bought blockboard

Blockboard gives people a simple way to commune with their neighbours about everything starting from local news to any other things that could be helpful.

Apart from these features, BlockBoard has a nice developer team that could easily come up with a killer mobile application at any point in time without delay.

Adding the Blockboard team of experts to the existing Klout family will surely bring about the existence of a non-ending social media influence tracking with no fuss.

I hereby congratulate the Klout team for this wonderful take-over process and pray that it will bring about the good for the company and not like that of a failed move by Google in acquiring Apture with no development since then.






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