Know Everything about Google’s Newly Released Android 10

Know Everything about Google’s Newly Released Android 10

On September 3 last year, Google launched the most recent Android version 10 to Pixel smartphones. Android Q is officially called Android 10 and brought a ton of exclusive features. The latest version came up with several of the much-anticipated features, such as Smart Reply in notifications, Dark Theme, and gesture navigation among others that streamline Android app development.

For the first time since 2014, Google is bringing to life the feel and look of the Android brand, having a redesigned logo that boasts exactly of a green robot head. You will now see that little robot whenever you see the logo text of the operating system. Android, being an operating system remains the same, but its image however is transforming fast, with a cleaner and more playful log while numerical names replace dessert names.

Android app development services get more easy and enjoyable with the latest Android 10, with its new and exciting features.

With the release, the focus in to make daily lives easier with features that are powered by on-device machine learning, or ML, and supporting new techs as well, such as 5G and Foldables. Furthermore, with nearly 50 changes related to security and privacy, version 10 provides greater transparency, protection, and control over the data.

This builds on top of the continuous commitment of the Android OS to provide privacy and security protections that are industry-leading. There are furthermore new tools empowering people of all abilities, helping to find the right technology balance.

Top Android 10 Highlights Google’s Newly Released Android 10

Smarter, simpler, and more Helpful

1. The Dark Theme lets you enter the dark side. The Dark Theme could be enabled for your whole phone or for specific applications only, such as Calendar and Photos. It’s easier on the eyes, as well as on the phone battery.

2. Smart Reply suggests actions. When someone sends you a message with a YouTube video address, you could open and navigate in the Google Maps or open up the video on YouTube, with no copy and paste required. Furthermore, Smart reply works across all the messaging apps that you like.

3. Edge-to-edge, bigger screens with new gesture navigation. You could go backwards with simple swipes, pull up the home screen and move between tasks painlessly. After switching, you wouldn’t want to revert to the visible buttons.

4. Live Caption automatically caption videos, audio messages, and podcasts across any application with one tap. You could even record yourself. Beginning with Pixel, the Live Caption feature would be available this fall.

New Features for Privacy and Security

5. You will find important controls, such as Ad Settings and Web & App Activity in one place with the new Privacy Section under Settings.

6. You could opt to share location data with applications while using them. Also, you’ll get reminders when an application you’re not using actively is getting access to your location, thus you could opt to continue sharing or otherwise.

7. The system updates in Google Play allow vital fixes in privacy and security to be sent to the phone in the same way how applications are updated. Thus, you receive fixes the moment they’re available, without waiting for an entire operating system update.

Finding the Right Tech Balance for you and your family

8. Beneath the Digital Wellbeing, right in settings, the Family Link is now part of each and every device running Android 10. The tools could be used by parents for setting ground rules, such as device bedtime, time limits on particular applications, daily limits to screen time, and a whole lot more. They could moreover review apps that are installed by their kids on their devices, as well as their usage.

9. Bigger control on notifications alert. You could mark notifications as ‘Silent’ and they will not appear on your lock screen or make noise, thus you will be alerted only by notifications when you want to be.

10. Digital Wellbeing brings the Focus mode. You could choose the apps you find distracting, such as news or email, and then silence them until you come out of the Focus mode. Try it by signing up for the Beta.

There’s so much more in Android 10 that many anticipate, including the developers in an Android app development company. The new enterprise features let you use various keyboards both for your work and personal profiles, application timers for particular sites to balance your web time, direct audio streaming support to hearing aid devices, and an emoji that’s new gender-inclusive.

In Summary

Officially, Android 10 has been released and is available in most, but not all smartphones. Every individual organization has to tailor Android 10 for all its numerous phones, thus the update is present in recent devices. Older ones whoever could take a while to receive it.

There are several smartphones that come with already pre-loaded features of Android 10, such as Samsung Galaxy S20, OnePlus 8, and more. However, not all do, particularly those from smaller companies. There are so many features in Android 10 that could boost how you see your smartphone.

Most of them are the same as the features of Apple iOS 13, and most of them have been on request for some time. If your smartphone isn’t too old for the new Android 10 but does not yet have it already, expect it to come soon. The wonderful thing about Android 10 is the availability of all-new features across everything, from the camera to settings. There is always something for you, so why not check it out?




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