World’s Smallest MP3 Player, Kube 2 unveiled by Bluetree Electronics

If you have been looking for a perfect and exciting MP3 player that have good looking design, then Kube 2 might be the next MP3 player you’ve been searching for a while for. Kube 2 features a rather obvious cube-like design that looks just the same way like its predecessor – the new Kube 2 is known worldwide as the smallest MP3 player ever since the exception of the MP3’s, say, T3.

Featuring a rather obvious cube-inspired design just like its predecessor, the Kube 2 is being marketed as the world’s smallest MP3 player and it’s body is made up of an aluminium element.


Using this MP3 player is very simple because the Kube 2 has a touch-sensitive controls; one on a side and the other inputs on another three panel – with functions such as play, pause and volume up & down.

Bluetree said after listening to words from their customers in knowing what they wanted from this sequel MP3 player:

“Since the launch of the Kube two years ago, our customers suggested that a touchscreen on the player would allow for easier navigation. They also added that they would like to have changeable skins to give the Kube a new look and feel.”

When it comes to the issue of storage, the Kube 2 has storage capacity with a microSD slot expandable to 32GB – and you can get up to this rate by using a SD card – and this is pretty cool when compared to other MP3 players. The Kube 2 according to report has up to 6-hours of battery life with continuous playing.

About availability, you can only get this device in Singapore and no assurance of the time it will get its way to The United Kingdom but be rest assured that whenever we get the news about it, we’ll inform you here.

Now, majority of the latest technology gadgets in the market have lesser storage space unlike those in the past, so having a small size MP3 player in your hands, how would you feel? Let’s hear what you’ve got to say below. Thanks for reading 🙂

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