Laptop or Tablet: Which One is Best for Your Needs?

Once upon a time, laptops were the way to go for those who wanted a small portable device for computing on-the-go. Today, the touch screen tablet has taken the computing world by storm, by integrating many of the same features that made modern smartphones a pleasure to use with the portability and functionality offered by an ordinary laptop.

With many tablet options costing less than a bargain-minded laptop, its tempting to go with a tablet based on price alone, but is it really what you need, or would you be better off with a laptop?

Would you go for laptop or tablet? – see the features of each and benefits that you can derived from using each of these gadgets before you can decide on the one you’re going to choose below.

Laptop or Tablet? Which way to go?

laptop or tablet computer - which one is the best for you to choose

Tablets offer a number of advantages in areas where laptops less adept:

Tablets are, by far, much easier to tote around and use on the go, even when compared to an ultralight laptop. Unlike an ordinary laptop, you won’t have to flip up a screen and find a place to rest it on just to use a tablet.

  • The touch screens used on tablets provide a more tactile experience than a mouse.
  • Most tablets weigh less than a pound, making them much lighter to carry.
  • Some tablets offer a longer battery life than most laptops.

However, laptops have plenty of qualities that make them superior to tablets:

  • The physical keyboard presents a better option for those who need to type for long periods or those who just don’t like typing on touch screens.
  • The screen is much larger than most tablets.
  • Laptops offer more powerful processors and stronger graphics for gaming and other programs. Most laptops also feature more data storage and memory than most tablets.
  • You can easily upgrade a laptop with more hard drive space and more memory, something you can’t do with a tablet.
  • You don’t have to worry about scratching the laptop’s screen, in most cases.In the end, it all comes down to what you want out of your mobile computing solution. Those who want a powerful mobile computing solution that features plenty of data storage space will be better off with an appropriately equipped laptop, while those who value lightness and quick access will prefer tablets. To save money, make sure to look for laptop deals. Keep in mind that a number of tablets can be paired with separate accessories that aim to replicate the full computer experience, including keyboards, trackpads and screen stands.

If given a choice between a tablet and a laptop at the same price, which one would you buy and for what reasons?


19 responses to “Laptop or Tablet: Which One is Best for Your Needs?”

  1. lovi Avatar

    I think both have importance in their own field.thnnnx for the sharing and happy new year

    1. Sai Avatar

      Yes I agree with you Lovi…Happy New Year 2012…:-D

  2. Henriech F. Mata Avatar
    Henriech F. Mata

    This two latest technologies are very important to anyone, both of this item are so usefull it’s up in the user which is comfortable to carry on or use. This blog is so good..

  3. Magento Development Avatar
    Magento Development

    I choose tablet because it is new generation and advance technology to work

  4. sohan Avatar

    I just love Laptop

  5. Praveen Avatar

    I prefer Laptop because of doing huge work and running many applications at a time even in journey too..

  6. Sai Avatar

    I prefer laptop because of running different applications at a time even in journey too 🙂

  7. Business VoIP Avatar
    Business VoIP

    I prefer laptop than tablet.. as I am used to it and feel much comfortable with laptop for my needs.

  8. Kuldeep Avatar

    Really good idea to post on a topic comparing two great & useful devices!

  9. Nicole Vickers Avatar
    Nicole Vickers

    Laptops and tablets are advancements in technology that help people finish their tasks faster. I think both can cater to our needs in their own ways. I can go for both as long as they stay light, functional and portable. =)

  10. kevin Malmo Avatar
    kevin Malmo

    I would still get laptop over tablet.

  11. sudhir Avatar

    very nyc guide i will go for tablet

    1. Olukunle Moses Avatar
      Olukunle Moses

      Good choice, I wish you had shared why a tablet would freak you to a laptop.

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