LeapPad or VTech: Can technology improve a child’s reading? – Is there anything out there that can help?

Can technology improve a child’s reading? – Is there anything out there that can help?

With more and more toys becoming technology orientated, we have to wonder, is this helping or hindering our children? Well, according to Vtech, a leading manufacturer of technologybased products for children, it is helping. Reading games help children recognise letters and sounds and being able to interact with the words on a screen can help them to get excited by the idea of reading, too. Vtech’s products are supposed to help children ‘expand understanding of writing and gather information from text.’  There is no doubt that during pregnancy week by week people wonder exactly how they can help their child develop.

vTech - learning and reading tablet for children

Tech Can Help

It makes sense that technology could help a child develop his or her reading. The development of e-readers has even helped adults with reading problems to enjoy a good book. The advantage of being able to change fonts and text sizes means that even those with visual problems can read easily, as well as being able to associate the letters with their sounds when they’re read aloud from a computer narrator. There are now many websites which are child friendly and offer stimulating reading material as well as a ‘sing-a-long’ narrator to help your child identify sounds and meanings.

Technology based products which could help your child reading include children’s laptops. Getting your child a cheap children’s laptop means they won’t be on the internet on unknown sites, they won’t be ruining your (more expensive) laptop, it will benefit their cognitive development and help prepare them for later life. There are laptops available from as young as 6 months such as the Play and Learn Laptop from Vtech.

Laptops and Other Technology

If this is a bit too young for your little one to be tip-tapping away then perhaps the Fireman Sam My First Laptop, suitable for ages 2 and up is more for you? Or The Mickey Mouse Clubhouse laptop, which is suitable for children aged 3 and up. Other laptops include the Magical Learning Laptop for ages 4-7 and the Power Xtra Laptop for ages 6-8.

leappad - learning tablet

Other technology based products which might help you little one’s reading are tablets for children. These are becoming extremely popular, with the LeapPad, a Learning Tablet for Kids, winning 2012 Educational Toy of the Year Award, 2012 Preschool Toy of the Year Award and 2012 Toy of the Year award. The LeapPad advertises itself as ‘a learning tablet just for children,’ and is designed for children aged 4-9. Designed not just to help children learn to read but also to develop other key skills and to have fun, the LeapPad is set to be huge this year. If you like the idea of a tablet for your child but don’t like the LeapPad, then you could try Vtech’s answer to the LeapPad – the InnoPad. This is branded as ‘The learning app tablet.’ Generally, the InnoPad is slightly cheaper than the LeapPad, but it doesn’t feature its own video and camera.

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3 responses to “LeapPad or VTech: Can technology improve a child’s reading? – Is there anything out there that can help?”

  1. Praveen Rajarao Avatar
    Praveen Rajarao

    Olawale – Thanks for posting this wonderful article about technology and its influence on kids. LeapPad has been really helpful for my daughter who is 4 now to learn new stuff and also it has several free apps available for her to improve her general knowledge. I am really happy with that product.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar
      Olawale Daniel

      I’m very happy that this great gadget has influenced your daughter in her upbringing period – thanks for sharing the testimonies here.


  2. peter Avatar

    Its good that Vtechs introduces such products that enhnaces children reading and e-learning qualities. Leap pad is also good alternative for your child…

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