LinkedIn Change Users Account’s Look – New Design

Whenever we are making mention of social networking or bookmarking sites on the internet, chances are that we will also make mention of LinkedIn among the other social sites on the world wide web because of the functions of the site when compare to some other websites that offer the same services.

The company because of its efforts to make sure that its users get the best for their time and efforts on the site, they have change the outlook of the site to make it more user-friendly, that only can even turn users on because of the dull look of the website before the new design.

The new look of LinkedIn look lively more than the previous design and it makes the site user’s choice because people will be willing to stay on the site for longer than before due to its new outlook.

Here below is the old design:

The new design is below here:

Also, apart from the new design that looks cool, there are other cool features of the new LinkedIn design that you might want to check out and one among them is the updated check listing tool that always reminds you about the newest features of the LinkedIn service and by also showing you easy steps to follow in order to edit your profile details easily. Look for that in the picture below and you will understand.

With the new LinkedIn, you can create your work resume from your profile wall because the company has integrated PDF printing into the service which thereby will enable people to print their social details in form of a resume on LinkedIn.

If you haven’t check the new LinkedIn design, try to do so now.

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