List of Dofollow Plugins for 2011

List of Dofollow Plugins for 2011
If you have been looking for a dofollow plugins that you can use to make your website dofollowed, I have compiled the list of three dofollowed plugin that can help you get your website ranked well by exchanging links with other websites easily. is a dofollow website and that is why everything here is getting your website rank better on Google for this reason. The reason Techatlast is a dofollow depends on two powerful plugins. The plugin was what I used to make sure that this blog is dofollowed for people that are commenting here and those that normally writes guest post for this website. I love to give back to people and that’s why I always remove the “NOFOLLOW” tag from my website.

Nofollow tag means, when someone comes to your website and left a comment or guest posts on your website with a link back to the person’s website, search engines will be notified about the link and that will help you get better authority on Google search engine.

Below are the lists of the three plugins you should make use of this year if you want to continue making your online business a success as fast as possible.

  • KeywordLuv for WordPress
  • Semfollow for WordPress
  • Doffolow 4.o. for WordPress

I have installed this plugin before and it has been working for my website and help people to get linkback to their websites.

Share your comment about what you are using with any powerful plugin that can also perform the same tasks like the one these three plugins are doing. Thanks

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