Hey, contact your Door! Lockitron understands your language

Speak to your door to close. It is quite unlikely for a door to obey your command, isn’t it?

The magic words “Abracadabra” could make the door open in that magical scene. But here’s one in the real world that would  possibly make your door to close or open without your presence at the door.

CES 2013 have seen a revolutionary product that really change the way entry and exit at home can be done. Using your Smartphone, you can command your door at home to open or close.

In certain instances wherein you have forgotten to close your door or perhaps any member of your family couldn’t enter your home because they don’t have a key, you don’t find that anymore a problem because you can easily direct your door to unlock or lock by making the commands on your Smartphone.

And even if you forget your Smartphone inside the house and you have locked it inside, unlike when you forget your door keys; you can simply disable your account by changing your password. You see, this thing works the same way with electronic locks found in banks, meaning that you can easily go online to change your password and command your door to open.Lockitron smartphone app for door

Big thank you to its founders, Cameron Robertson and Paul Gerhardt, for their strong faith for had they “thrown-in the towel”, so to speak, after rejection from KickStarter for funding their project; this would not have come out in the market and being utilized positively by many people.

Without funds to mass produce this thing they announced for pre-orders and within 24 hours (can you believe that?), the $150,000.00 pre-orders was hit. And five days after launching, they had $ 1,500,000.00 in pre-orders. That’s really cool!

So what’s the name of this thing?

It is called LOCKITRON. Aside from the features earlier mentioned, Lockitron’s access can be shared with anyone and you can change its password any time. Moreover, even when you are travelling abroad you can open it if a family member needs to enter your house. Also, Lockitron has a “knock-sensor” so that when somebody’s knocking at your door, it will send a message to your Smartphone that somebody’s at the door of your house.

In addition to that, Lockitron will automatically unlock when you are approaching your door because of its Bluetooth 4 presence.

Isn’t Lockitron stunning?

What great product that came out of the Bluetooth 4 technology. Should one desire to understand deeper how Lockitron works, you must understand Bluetooth functions. But that is the ambit of the technologically inclined. It is quite enough for us consumers to just make use of it. And though some people do not like the idea of an online generated lock, by and large, it is good.

What pre-order record shows is evident of a trustworthy product that in just a very short period of time, it had already made a $1, 500,000.00 sales that is really quite splendid!

For sure it will continue to sell thousands and thousands of units for this is definitely not just for the home but for all buildings and business establishments domestically and internationally. This is worthy of marketing and distribution in all countries all over the world.

Worldwide distributors are just perhaps waiting for this product for distribution in their own countries and neighboring nations. Lockitron is the trend in locking system in many ways than one.

So, what are we all waiting for? Let’s “Lockitron-ize” our homes and businesses now and all be contacting our doors with our Smartphones.

What do you think about Lockitron? Do you find it interesting and promising? Please share your views in the comment section below




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