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Mark Zukerberg on Facebook made $3.5 billion Last Month

The Facebook boss is very good at smiling; it is a must for him anyway, as it seems the hurdle of the downtrend market share of his establishment is over. Mark Zuckerberg has to be happy because he bagged loads of dollars last month.

For Mark Zuckerberg, the month of November was definitely great in his history.

Mark-Zuckerberg Facebook Boss

Mark Zuckerberg got excited for November

The Facebook stock which has being rallying over the months went up from $21.08 per share up to $28 for one share, just on the first day of market close in November, it went up from the stagnancy since July. Mark Zuckerberg has about 504 million units of his company’s stock has a gain of $3.48 as a result of this pool.

Facebook shares was offered at $38 within it first went public in May, then, Mark Zuckerberg shares were valued at$19.1 billion. As the month concluded, the stock was un-favored and dropped less than half of IPO price to $17.55 around late August, bringing the boss down to a worth of $8.84 billion.

And after some refurbishments, Facebook’s stock started recovering and so is Mark Zuckerberg’s wealth. November has been the most robust year for Facebook, as the growth in the stock for that one month was drastic. It all started when the earrings for October were announced, and the whole thing showed that the social media site was making progress in the monetization of mobile. And another factor was that the second and largest lockup period for stocks held by employees got expired in mid November and invested seems to have been waiting for this for months and it arguably helps down stock price.

As of last Friday, the net worth of Mark Zuckerberg was $14.1 billion and this is predicted to continue its growth this December.

The shares of Facebook is now close to $30 a unit, and analyst continues to raise the value looking from the view of the mobile ads and other sources of revenue such as the recently flagged Gifts service. Sterne Agee analyst Arvid Bhatia shot his own prediction last week from $26 to $32 per share. Also the analyst at Topeka Capital pushed it up from $34 a share to $36 per share.

Facebook also had a record in November that monthly active users had hit a billion.

Let’s watch out as it seems Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook are set to maintain an uptrend to the end of the year.

If you have been following the ordeal and way out of Facebook over the months, you will have something to say about this development.

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  1. It’s amazing how a person can earn so much money in just a month. I know we’re talking about Mark Zuckerberg here, it’s still amazing how his worth is predicted to continue its growth next month.


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