Mattress Thickness – All That Is There to Know before Buying

Among the many things that need to be considered while buying a new mattress is the thickness. While very thin mattresses can be unsuitable for heavy persons due to lack of inadequate support, very thick mattresses made from multiple layers of materials of different densities can be somewhat of an overkill for many sleepers. The height of the mattress also affects the way you can get into and off the bed as well as the aesthetics of the bedroom.

Low Profile

These mattresses are usually 2-5 inches thick and are available in quite a few types, including ones meant for use on air beds and folding mattresses for use on the floor. These mattresses are usually favored by people who don’t want the mattresses to be elevated too much from the floor to create a modern spacious look in the bedroom. Low profile mattresses while being suitable for light people will typically not be able to provide the support required by heavy people.


These mattresses are usually between 5-8 inches thick and constructed out of heavy density foam. These too can be used by persons who don’t weigh too much but you may have to sacrifice comfort as the plush layer on top is minimal. Thin mattresses are ideal for use by children as they don’t require the extra support of a thick mattress. Thin mattresses are also preferred by those who desire to adopt a typically Scandinavian contemporary style in the bedroom where thick mattresses will look out of place.


These have heights ranging from 8 to 12 inches and are the most popular type. You will be able to choose from the conventional innerspring, memory foam and latex constructions depending on your need and preference. Comprising multiple layers, these offer better support and comfort but are more expensive than their thinner versions, though you can usually find one to suit your budget due to the intense competition between manufacturers. Read up on a nectar sleep mattress review to know more about how premium mattresses are constructed.


These mattresses fall into the category of 12 inches and above, right up to 20 inches. Available in innerspring, memory foam, latex, as well as hybrid versions, the construction involves multiple layers of materials of different densities to cater to the support and comfort aspects. Typically, mattresses of these thicknesses are the most expensive though you should not equate quality with price.


The combination of the height of the bed and the thickness of the mattress dictates how easy or difficult it is for you to get in or out of bed. Despite the obvious attraction of a bed that is really low or high, most people, especially those suffering from mobility issues or back pain will find it wiser to choose a height that is 24 inches to 30 inches. The mattress thickness should be selected accordingly; medium thicknesses are optimal as they can provide the desired comfort and support yet are not too heavy for transporting or flipping over.





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