Meet the Richest Man in Africa 2011 – Aliko Dangote

    You might have been wondering why this post has to be featured on this site but the main reason for this is because life is not all about what people say about you or your business but, “about what you say, think” about yourself and your business. is a technology blog that focuses on issues around technology, be it SEO, Blogging tips, Inspiration and others, so far the information we’re disseminating to you carries the word “technology”, then it means we don’t have to talk much on the contents of the article. Today, I would like to share with your a success story of someone who is known for his “never say die” attitude of becoming a successful person in life, I’m talking in respect of the world acclaimed richest man in Africa 2011, Alhaji Aliko Dangote. He is the richest man in Africa as at this writing and also the richest in his country, Nigeria without any arguments. Apart from being the richest man in Africa, he is listed among the world richest men too. He’s into manufacturing of different goods like cement, foods, kitchen wares and others. Among his manufactured good, Dangote Cement is among the best cement in his native country, Nigeria.

    Meet the Richest Man in Africa 2011

    What do think about this man, what are your opinions, suggestions, additions to this fact about the Aliko Dangote who tops the position of the richest man in Africa 2011? Drop them in below in the comment section. Thanks


      • Hi Nartey, thanks for the awesome comment and the testimony you shared on this video. Since Alhaji is now a man of the people, I will have to charge you too to try as much as possible to do even more than Alhaji so that people can mention you tomorrow. 🙂


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