Meg Whitman, HP CEO to Decide Whether to Keep Producing PCs by November

Meg Whitman is the new Hewlett Packard’s new CEO, and she has confirmed it that the company aims to make a decision about whether or not to keep on producing PCs by the end of the month of October which is even closer than earlier on.

Meg’s predecessor, Leo Apotheker, had said earlier on, that, “HP was considering moving the PC unit into a separate business or selling it off entirely, but wasn’t necessarily going to make the call until the end of the year.”

Meg counts that the time is of the essence. She told delegates at the Fortune’s Most Powerful Women Summit on Tuesday, “Uncertainty is not our friend here.”

Making the killer decision

She explained to the people that it is “a decision She’d like to make… certainly by the end of October”.

She later admitted that the October date “may slip a little bit”, but that her intention is for the process to be “much more accelerated” than it’s been to date.

The CEO confirms that she is currently “open for people’s opinion” about the options for the PC unit.

Have you ever used a product of Hewlett Packard (HP) before? If yes, what is your experience? Do you like HP to stop producing PCs for consumers as at next month? Don’t hesitate to share your awesome comments and suggestions below in the comment area.

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