Time to get meta on META 2, the New AR Technology

Many of us are familiar with the marvel Cinematic Universe Iron Man series of movies, where the lead character, Tony Stark controls and augments reality in conjunction with his personal computer Jarvis to create super cool humanoid battle armor for him to save the world with. This is just one illustration of how Augmented Reality can be used to change the way work in an office space is done. With its possibilities endless and truly without bounds the relatively young sibling to virtual reality is really taking off with the new Meta 2 AR headset hitting the markets soon.

In 2013, Meron Gribetz founded the company Meta, with the sole aim of integrating Augmented Realities with the everyday office practices at his firm and eventually replacing it.

“Look at all these desks, within a year or two I want people to be doing their work using our glasses” he said.

Where reality meets fiction: How the new META 2 technology is transforming the AR scene!

Augmented reality was said to be fictional, but it is quickly becoming a REALITY with Meta 2!
Meta 2 is a technology designed for more meaningful connections–for deeper understanding and optimal productivity. A fully-loaded augmented reality experience awaits you!

The Meta journey.

The journey of the META 2 headset has been an inspirational and amazing one, with the developers going through many processes of trial and error to make sure they get their product just right. Meta 2 AR Headset comes with a host of features intended to make its use seamless and enable its integration into the real world.

Augmented Reality is becoming realistic with Meta 2
Augmented Reality was said to be fictional but the story has quickly changed lately. It vastly becoming realistic with Meta 2 coming the team at Meta Vision.

Key functionalities and features.

The extremely lightweight Meta 2 comes with a 90 degree field of vision which is currently the largest of any AR technology in the market that allows you to load and work on multiple apps and features in real time as you would in an office building. Its positional tracking and hand interaction sensors helps the device understand and track your hand movement as you grab, tap, swipe, click or enlarge various items in the work space. With a resolution of 2.5K and a 60 Hz refresh rate, it has pretty impressive graphics and with more platform integration options being explored, it is very correct to think that the Meta 2 is only going to improve from here.

Meta posses the potential to replace physical office cubicles.

Due to it’s immense potential, this piece of hardware has been affectionately described as the IOS of the mind by Meron Gribetz, CEO and founder of META. With everyone at his company in festive mood and currently testing the new product, a flurry of reviews and praise have been flowing in as the CEO has now turned from the dreaming guy to the one who makes realities come true. Augmented realities that is. When he first revealed his plans he had already known he was in for a huge challenge as he was about to go “...against 50 years of computing tools”.

It is Gribetz’s dream to completely replace the formal office working cubicle together with personal computers and handheld devices with the new technology he is developing at his start-up Meta. He has predicted that in five years, the technology will be so advanced that it would have become faster, more powerful, more interactive as well as slicker and much more seamless with its real life integration. The nostalgia and enthusiasm isn’t felt by Gribetz alone as other members of the start-up have shown excitement at the possibility of an augmented work space. Where stacks of virtual files, objects seen in 360 degrees orientation, collaboration using the Meta’s holographic technology as well execution of flawless boardroom presentations are all possible.

Possible repercussions of the Meta 2.

The struggle to make this dream a reality has not been without challenges along the way. With multiple issues plaguing the development of the product ranging from costs of production to the struggle to protect the said technology from being stolen (META sued a former employee on account of him stealing their data and going to start up his own firm). Factors like productivity of workers as well as the impact of the technology on the balance and cognition of workers when they leave the virtual space as well as its incompatibility with many of today’s apps have also been highlighted. This however does not discourage META and its CEO from striving to achieve a reality where where the everyday office is replaced by a virtual work space.



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