Microsoft and Adobe to Partner for Casual Game Development on Windows 8

Microsoft and Adobe is partnering with each other for the first time. Adobe, the popular web content rendering site is shutting down its Flash platform soonest, the flash platform which is known to be a rivalling with the Microsoft’s Silverlight. But, it is true that few websites are using the Microsoft’s Silverlight when compared to the Adobe Flash. And now that Adobe Flash is dying, people are now turning to HTML5. And this partnership between Microsoft and Adobe is kind of surprising. So, they are going to start developing casual games for the new Microsoft’s OS, Windows 8. But one thing that surprises me now is that, Adobe and Microsoft is partnering with each other now in order to develop different games for the new Windows operating system, Windows 8.Microsoft Adobe Partnership over HTML5 GamesThese are going to be more casual games, and Windows 8 needs some of them to change the pre-installed games which many people has critised to be a big fail because those games sucks and none of them are worth playing. Efforts to verify the actual type of technology the two companies are going to use in developing these games are yet to be announced as that remain known to the two software giant companies. But it seems that Adobe will be backing on using its HTML5 because we’ve heard that Adobe said it will take more time in improving its HTML5 and that shows as a sign that these games will be on HTML5.

These games are going to be working equally and efficiently on netbooks, tablets and full-size computers. However, the two companies have not said a word concerning this move. So, it is just a rumor in this stage and we’re expecting the companies to talk officially.







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  1. Brendon Avatar

    Well I think this might be a good partnership between Microsoft and Adobe. The information you have shown in this article would surely a most interesting one for the people. Thanks for sharing it.

  2. Yatendra developer Avatar
    Yatendra developer

    It is very surprising news. These both companies are very nice and begain to start a nice work. I want to say thank you for nice information.

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