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Microsoft Surface Tablet Review, Price, Specs and Features

Rumours here, rumours there about the new Microsoft Surface tablet! iPAD KILLER is coming from Microsoft. Apple is about to loss the large percentage of the Tablets market with the launch of the new Microsoft Surface tablet device to make the tablet industry more competitive 🙂

microsoft surface tablet
microsoft surface tablet

And now, the Microsoft Surface!

Technology is growing like charm and in this growing technology we cannot underestimate the growth of tablets. Android tablets have brought new revolution in the tablet industry and it seems that Google’s biggest competitor Microsoft is jealous from the tremendous success and sales graph of Android tablets. So now Microsoft has started its new inning in the tablet technology and the very first player from the side of Microsoft is named Surface.

Surface tablet is the first tablet from the well known technology brand. Lots of rumors were there on the internet about its features and now the reality is revealed and you are going to see the full features list of Microsoft Surface Tablet. Surface is windows 8 based and comes in two variants named Windows RT and Windows Pro. You will not be able to see the tablet in your pocket until Windows 8 comes live.

But before then, let’s us have a look on the feature list of Microsoft Surface Tablet.microsoft surface tablet display

Surface Tablet Features


Design is plus point of this tablet. Both the variants of Surface comes with 10.6 inches screen. The screen size is bigger than all iPads in the market till date. The sleek and simple design makes it unique and attracts the customers.

Form Factor

The dimensions of this tablet are better than iPad. Here is the dimensions report of Surface.
Width: 9.3 mm Thick
Weight: 676 grams.


As expected the Surface tablet comes with full HD display. 1028 x 768 pixels is the resolution that you get with this tablet. In fact both the resolution and pixels density are better than iPad and all Android tablets which makes the Surface to lead in this category.

Operating System

As it comes from the house of Microsoft so no doubt of it being a Windows based tablet. Windows 8 is the operating system you get in this tablet. As already explained it comes in two variants. Windows RT is just few days away from your pocket. But Windows Pro will take estimated two months time. Windows Pro is going to be powerful portable PC.


Nvidia Tegra is the processor that you get with Windows RT Surface. While the Windows Pro will come up with powerful Intel i5 processor which has not been seen so far in the iPads or Android tablets. Intel i5 processor itself is enough to speak the quality of Surface.


Unlike iPads where you cannot transfer data to other devices, Microsoft Surface comes with a no. of data sharing methods which makes it easier to share the data not only with other Surface tablets, but with other devices as well. It supports microSD slot and has also the port for USB connectivity.


This is the most attractive part of Surface. When you buy Surface tablet, you will get this along with your tablet unit. While in case of iPads you need to spend extra cash to purchase the stand, you need not to do it for Surface tablet.


The battery is another eye catching part of the tablet. It promises for 48 hours battery play. Well, I must say that if other ‘in demand’ features are very good, battery is also not behind. Two day use of Surface without charging is far better than iPad and Android tablets.


Nothing yet revealed from Microsoft related to the price this awesome tablet. But yes, we can expect a very competitive price as compared to other tablets already in the market. Approximately it is going to cost you around 900-1000 $. This is totally “Value For Money” deal.
So are you planning to buy Surface? Share your views in the comment section below.

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  1. It looks great!! I can’t wait, you know how some of us are Windows people and some prefer Mac, I like windows better I don’t know why..

  2. Wow! great features and specification for the new Microsoft tablet. i am really fan of Microsoft because i am user of Microsoft products and every time i use a Microsoft product i really satisfied, by the way i like the rumour that Microsoft is jealous from the tremendous success and sales graph of Android tablets, I think it’s true. 🙂


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