Microsoft Warns of Mobile Phone Phishing Scams Attacks

There lots of phishers throughout the world that are posing as a computer security experts and the major purpose of their lies is to steal money from individuals and businesses by installing malicious software on people and companies computer for easy access to it in order to steal viable information.

According to a survey conducted which involves 7,000 people, the results shows that 15 percent of the people across the US, UK, Ireland and Canada were reported receiving calls from online scammers, Microsoft disclosed this on Thursday.

And it continues that out of the figure, 22 percent of the people had been deceived by this type of wicked people which caused them to lost some amount of money to phishers.

How It Rocks Computer Owners……

According to Microsoft, the tricks this group of people (phishers) used is that most of the “criminal posing as a computer security engineers and then calling people at home informing them that they are at risk of computer security threat.”

Some of the scammers tells their victims that the are from a legitimate company that is offering free security checks on computer and some other things and they will also refer to the person by his/her name which will make the person thought that they’re from a reputable company but the secret behind this is that they use telephone directories to gather some of the information which they used in contacting their victims.

Microsoft later advice that the best way for most computer owner to stay safe is to keep their computer security software up to date and to be suspicious of any forms of unsolicited calls from anyone claiming to be a computer practitioner  or claiming to represent a company or the other.

How They Do It…..

The hackers tried all there best to gain the trust of the computer users by making them think that the comopute is working wrongly and once the computer owner gives the scammer access to check the system if there are problems asscoiated with it, the scammers will now use tricks to convince the owner to download some software which can allow hackers to have access to the system even when the’re far away fromthe computer.

Microsoft contnued that the majoriuty of the individuals scammed with this tricks suffered some kind of financail loss of their lives and also stated that this typeof people will have to repair the damages cuased by the hackers to their computer system which ranges between $1,730 (which is approxiamately to £1,068) and $4,800 respectively.
This scams is only associated with the countires that predomanintly speaks English laguages, and according to the Microsoft Internetantional Public Relations, Richard Saunders, he said that this menace will soon be occuring in other language speaking countries like french, chinese and spanish speaking countries.

Other Tricks They Used…..

This group of people also uses fake lottery and some other mouth watering offers to attract their vcitims attention in order to hack their details. I can tell you categorically that I’m also a target of this group of poeple that always sent me mails that I have won lottery that I should claim it from a website that is embedded in the email. I don’t do anything to them but to report them to google and also block them but I thing Google has one thing that’s hidden here, because the spam filter wasn’t able to catch these type of emails and I have received up to twenthy of this during this week.

My Advice…

Your computer and online account is your private property, try as much as possible to protect them becuse phisphers and online scammers are around you wiating for your mistake to bounce on you. Don’t fall prey to them.

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