How to Migrate Google Drive to Another Account in Few Easy Steps

Google Drive is a trusted solution for cloud-based data storage and thousands of users worldwide store their data on G Drive. With the rapidly growing popularity of cloud data storage, many personal and business users are becoming G Drive clients. However, this data storage is not permanent solution and people may need to migrate Google Drive to another account. Most of the Google Drive users do not know how to move their data between two G Drive accounts and perform Google Drive file transfer. For them, we will describe some easy techniques in this write-up. Continue reading to learn how to migrate data from G Drive to another G Drive account.

Techniques to Migrate Google Drive to Another Account

How to Migrate Google Drive to Another Account in Easy Steps
Google Drive is a go to trusted cloud-based data storage solution for thousands of users worldwide. But that doesn’t mean there exist no other competitive solution that can out pace G Drive. So here’s how to migrate Google Drive to another account with step by step guidelines.

Both manual and automated solutions are available for Google Drive migration. If users want, they can go for the manual method. In this technique, users have to access to the Admin Panel of Google and go to Settings>> Drive and Docs>> Tools. Then click on Transfer ownership. Now add the username of two accounts in ‘To’ and ‘From’ fields and click on Transfer documents.

Thus, users will be able to successfully transfer G Drive storage items to another account. But this method will work only if both the accounts belong to the same domain. What to do if you need to export data between different domains? The answer is easy: use Google Drive Migrator.

Google Drive Migrator: A Breakthrough Software for Google Drive Migration

G Drive Migrator tool is an effective software that can easily transfer Google Drive storage to another account. The tool is also capable of individual to individual, individual to domain, domain to individual G Drive account migration, here we will show you how to perform domain to domain Google Drive migration.

Note: For Domain to Domain migration, it is mandatory to add Google Scopes into G Suite/ G Apps account. Within the process, we will describe you how to add API Scopes.

  1. Launch Google Drive Migrator on the system. From the welcome screen, select Admin User Account for domain to domain migration.
  2. Now, click on Add Scopes link on the same page and you will see the following page on the screen. As per the directions of the page, you have to perform the steps.
  3. Click on the Admin Console link and you will be redirected to the page. Click on Security option there.
  4. Click on Advanced Settings option >> Manage API Client Access.
  5. On the next page, enter the key supplied by the software in the field of Client Name. In the field One or More API Scopes, add scopes provided by the tool Authorize them.
  6. When adding scope is done, add source G Drive user id and click on Validate. You will be then redirected to the web browser where you have to add username and password of the source G drive account. Later, you have to grant the tool permission to manage your G Drive items.
  7. When the verification is done, the browser will tell you to close the window. You can go to the software window now.
  8. Your source id has been validated now and will be marked in green. Perform the same steps to Destination email id to validate it.
  9. When both the validations are done, click on Arrow sign to go to the Next page.
  10. Click on Add User icon to include source and destination IDs. Users can also add CSV folder containing the required information.
  11. After the email IDs have been added, click on Next arrow.
  12. On the settings mane, users have to select various settings like Migrate Permissions,
    Migrate Deleted Items, Migrate Shared Files, Maintain Folder Hierarchy.
  13. Users can also transfer data based on their upload or creation date by adding a date range here. Click on Migration icon to start the process.
  14. When the process is done, users will see a completion message.
  15. The software will also provide an option to save the report containing information about the migration process.

Final Words

In this post, we have focused on the process to transfer Google Drive Storage from one account to another. Though there is a manual method that can migrate Google Drive to another account, it is not suitable for domain to domain migration. For this type of data export, users have to use Google Drive Migrator and follow the guideline mentioned in the post. This software can perform all types of G Drive data migration and without any data loss. If the users want to check the effectiveness of the tool, they can download the free trial version of the tool before purchasing it.



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