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Mobile App Promotion Strategy: How to Make A ‘Good and Lasting Impression’ in 15 Minutes

Wanna make a lasting impact in 15 minutes or less? Yes, it is possible to have a successful mobile app promotion campaign in fifteen minutes or less!

Making an app is the first step in garnering success with your customers. The real test begins once you publish your app on Android Play store or Apple store. Some people may download your app while randomly stumbling upon it but this doesn’t account for the kind of traffic that you are searching for. You require targeted downloads, where people won’t forget about your app or delete it after some amount of time. The idea is to locate customers who are VIPs and those who want special communications and deals with your company.

Here’s a list of ways by which you can do your mobile app promotion in just or less than 15 minutes:

Want to be popular, here’s mobile app promotion strategy that truly works!

Mobile App Promotional Strategy

Optimize your mobile app

Prior to beginning the promotion process for your app, it is important to ensure that it is perfect. Before following the below mentioned steps, download the app on your smart phone to explore each and every page, button and tab. Make sure that the colors look great, every page possesses functional content tools and the images are not stretched. This will help the customers get in touch with you in an easy way. You can even hire out a third-party app testing service to troubleshoot issues. Optimization in simple term is an ability to deliver what your mobile app promises in the easiest possible way to your customers without hassle.

If your app is fully optimized, it will tell a lot on your mobile app promotion results. You will spend less time and money, and yet, you will record a great result of downloads.

Constantly Optimize your app
Never Joke With Optimization: Constantly optimize your app to keep your end users glued to your mobile app. Make it render properly and always on the lookout for customer satisfaction. Accessibility should be your top priority if you want to be inside your user’s brain always.

Provide great content on the app stores (Place everything well on the app stores)

How can you make a lasting impression with your mobile app promotion strategy when you don’t offer enough consumable information on your app page? Certainly, you wouldn’t!

Take great screenshots, make an amazing app icon, write apt content and do whatever it takes to attract users and get your app downloaded and used.

Let first-time visitor see those “hot button” that’ll keep them glued to reading on, until that last minute of taking decision to download.

Do not for a second starve your readers with information.

Provide enough details on your mobile app page.
Provide Enough Details: Never starve your visitors of little details or else, stand the chance of loosing them to your competitors.

Promote your app by advertising it on your website

Your website is the first place where you should publish information about your app. With search engine optimization, you already get some traffic coming your way. Thus, it is recommended to have a separate landing page for promoting your app on your website.

Promote your app by advertising it on your website
Charity Begins From Your Website, Not From Home! The best mobile app promotion strategy is the one you start from your own domain! Promote your mobile app by advertising it on your website to your existing audience before you move on to talking about it to others. You can’t just leave money on the table unless you have too much of it!

Promote your app on social media

Even if you possess only a limited number of followers on your social media, promoting your app on the platform is always effective. The sharing method on social media posits more opportunities for users to share your posts with other people. Social media has always been an effective mobile application promotion platform for established organizations.

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Social media platform is another mobile app promotion strategy
Avail Social Media Platforms: It is another avenue, and most effective of all strategies to get good results for your promotion. You can get free traffic and likewise, you can as well spend some bucks to attract targeted audience for your mobile app.

Promote your app by sending an email

Another way of promoting your app is to upload a list of email contacts that you have and send out a direct link to all of them. For instance, if you are using MailChimp or any of the other email list service providers, and sending out emails on a weekly basis, then you should also announce the benefits of your new mobile app by sending out a link.

Forward text messages for app promotion

This methodology works well if you send out messages to people you know as you most likely possess their phone numbers. It is one of the most effective techniques of promotion as it delivers the download link direct to the phones of users. It is one of the best techniques when it comes to quick conversion. The potential user can move from the text messages to the play store directly to download and check the app once. The chances of keeping the app are good if it is useful for the user.

Write a blog post

This comes under the promotional tactic of websites mainly but it involves a blog post that can be easily shared through social media and clubbed with media items and descriptions. A blog post on any related term that is useful for the user to read and has unique content can make a mark.

A well-optimized content can go a very long way in fighting the battle of search engine for your brand against competitors. Take for example, your mobile app is helping people book rides from a particular location to the other like Uber, when you write a well optimized article around the ‘benefits of booking a ride on the go,’ you’re indirectly exposing your app to customers of this company.

You can easily attract free traffic to your app for just providing epic content that takes care of people interested in your mobile app niche.

Reach out to influencers

Influencers are those who have a good following in a related field and they possess the power to influence the buying or engagement decision of the potential users. Making strong mutually beneficial associations with influencers pay in the long run.

Let me ask you this and be sincere with yourself. If you are assured of 100% success in collaboration with influencers, would you rather mind doing it all alone with little assurance of success or opt to throw on stone to catch two birds? I bet you’ll go with the later because you have nothing to lose than much to gain.

Create and promote a video

A video is a great way to depict beautifully what your app is all about and how it can solve the problems of the user or entertain them. Videos have greater impact as compared to text, thus investing a little time here will be worth it. In this age, making things happen doesn’t cost as it used to be years back. With budget of $5-$50, you can hire an expert video editor to do the magic for you. Fiver is there for this purpose.


So you see promoting your mobile app is no rocket science and it doesn’t take that long too! You do not need to be a professional marketer to make it big on the App store or Google Play. If the idea is good and you do the above basic tasks, there is no stopping you from being a hit. Now, go make an impact with your mobile app promotion efforts.

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