What Changes Can We Expect in 2013 in the Mobile World?

The mobile phone world has experienced a massive expansion over previous years, and it all started with Apple releasing their iPhone device into the public. They single-handedly started the new mobile technology revolution and have dominated it ever since.

Now things are changing a little and for the first time in a long time the Apple Company has started to look a little bit shaky. This means that predictions on the changes that are due in the mobile world are now not as easy to predict.

Here are a few predictions of changes that you can expect this year.

Mobile Changes 2013Mobile Technology Changes to expect in 2013

An increased use in mobile payment technology

Technology that allows people to use their phones as mobile credit cards is always going to have the backing of large financial organizations. And, they are the ones with a very lot of persuasion power. They are part of the reason that you are able to pay with your mobile phone in some stores already. This technology is going to become more commonplace, with more and more mobile phones having the hardware and software pre-installed into them. The idea of an e-wallet that people can use with a mobile phone is going to become more popular in the year 2013.

Mobile phones falling in price as more versions enter the marketplace

There are now more companies designing and manufacturing phones than ever before, and now that Apple has the likes of Google and Microsoft snapping at its heels, it is highly likely that competition is going to become even more fierce. The harder the competition and the more competitors there are, then the better the deals that the consumer receives. The manufactures will start undercutting each other’s prices and start creating deals that damage their competition for the sake of gaining an edge in the future. Clever consumers will be able to take advantage of this and get some really good deals.

Even more app developers creating even more apps

This has been a growing trend for years. Apple currently has the most apps, and there are developers still working now to create even more for the Apple operating system. There are also app developers that are creating apps for Windows and Android. The trend is set to continue because there is nothing holding it back. App development is time consuming but does not have to be expensive, and lots of amateurs are creating and selling apps online. The introduction of the FireFox OS is also going to stimulate a lot of interest from the app developing community.

More cloud based mobile phones

This is due to the increased bandwidth that comes with 4G Internet. It is quite conceivable that mobile phone developers are going to lower their product prices by skimping on hardware memory. Other than the memory needed for apps, it is quite conceivable  that music, documents and movies will be stored on the cloud and loaded onto mobile phones on demand instead of taking up the memory of the phone.

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16 responses to “What Changes Can We Expect in 2013 in the Mobile World?”

  1. Rakakun Avatar

    but as you know, more cloud based mobile phone means the memory capacity can’t be upgraded. This is the cons.

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    microsoft store promo code

    Thank you very much for sharing this useful information.

  3. himanshu Avatar

    Olawel nice post i am a mobile lover and every time am curious to know changes in it.Awesome post.

  4. john Avatar

    I get emails where bloggers ask me to share the Infographic but to be try I had no idea how sharing an infographic could help my blog. I have been always wondering how Infographics are important. I shall now surely build some Infrographs for my blog and hopefully I will get some good links from authority sites

  5. Raja Ram Avatar

    Thank you for providing this piece of information. I didn’t know about the cloud based mobile phone before reading this.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Okay, that’s a new technology in the making.

      Thanks for commenting here Raja.

  6. maksan Avatar

    Interesting news . It would be great if you can provide more details about it. Thanks you

  7. Jack Avatar

    Mobile Technology is probably the next generation of internet marketing and now mobile technology has a good bussiness within it. Mobile Technology always increase the advance of the technology for people.

  8. Jacson Avatar

    i agree with you today mobiles changes conman and your article is amazing it was useful each every person much more foriegn structured cellular phone suggests your ram ability can’t become upgraded.
    thanks for sharing

  9. help4trader Avatar

    really userful aritcle about mobile technology.

  10. Rashmi Sinha Avatar
    Rashmi Sinha

    less price and more feature, what else a user will want. With this growing technology, nothing seems impossible and these mobiles have became the most popular gadget.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Sinha, I totally agree with your points. Thanks for commenting here 🙂

  11. Jay Avatar

    Falling prices is a good news for smartphone users. This is one of the positive effects of competition in the marketplace.

  12. Infinite Avatar

    I think that the lower prices will allow more customers to get smartphones, which will help to drive down the prices. I also think that voip is becoming a factor for mobile phones.

  13. Nathan Avatar

    The E wallet feature is something really amazing. A revolution of smart phones has just begin. I think mobile phones will get more cheaper as the competition is getting quite stronger between Android, iOS and Windows 8. Hoping for some price drop so that I can purchase a descent handset soon.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Sure, recently Apple was reported planning a $150 cheapest iPhone ever. So, this is certainly going to happen.

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