Mobile Phone Spy playing large role in Divorce cases

First it was social networking and now it is apps such as the mobile phone spy which are being termed as important factors in divorce proceedings. People every day are finding such apps useful in removing detrimental people from their lives, in terms of married couples the app has gone a step further.

Mobile phone spy apps work in stealth mode and collect all data and information which belongs to the phone owner. Several spouses have submitted to court the fact that they installed the mobile phone spy on their significant others phone. Details of their email communication, videos, pictures, text messages, contacts, call history etc. were all extracted from the phone through the mobile phone. It was later submitted as evidence of wrongdoing so that one party could claim more damage than the other.

Mobile Phone Spy playing large role in Divorce cases

Mobile Phone Spy playing large role in Divorce casesIn divorce cases where a large property is involved the iPhone spy app played a large role in tipping the scale in the favor of the installer. No mobile phone spy is easily traceable by the person whose phone it has invaded, which means that while it continues to collect and transmit their personal data and information to a remote online account which is only available for the installer to see. Splitting up who gets what is typically a hard and lengthy procedure when it comes to divorce cases, but not if one party can be proved as a bona fide cheater.

Cases where prenuptial agreements were part and parcel of the marriage have been complicated by the evidence created through mobile phone spy. A prenuptial agreement typically involves clauses relating to cheating or behavior which is harmful for the marriage.

Evidence collected through the mobile phone spy has become instrumental for some spouses in proving themselves the victim and shutting their soon-to-be-exes out of picture when it comes to the division of assets.

The mobile phone spy lets the installer secretly call the target phone where he/she either listens to whatever the target is saying/doing at the moment, or record it for later use. Recordings can easily be introduced during court sessions by the installer to support his/her side.

On top of this, the apps such as the iPhone spy app can trace the target user and records their locations constantly.Tracking can be done with GPS at a minimum interval of 8 minutes. And it doesn’t stop even if GPS is turned on because the iPhone spy app is able to latch onto different Wi-Fi and satellite connections and continuously send in updates.

Any cases where one’s spouse left for work but ended up at a hotel are caught in an instant. There are more cases we could relate with this article.

Have you ever had any experience related to surveillance by your spouse or someone close to you? Would you mind share them with us?



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  1. Belen Esteban Avatar
    Belen Esteban

    Mmmm… mobile phones aren’t doing to much for marriages XDD I read somewhere that most infidelities were discovered due to SMS messages

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar
      Olawale Daniel

      ohhh…then what can they now do? Do you agree that spying is bad or not or what do you think

  2. Jacko Avatar

    Trust is such a valuable and delicate thing.

    Once its broken its so hard to repair. If you are secretly spying on the phone of your spouse you have to realize the person that has a problem is YOU.

    The person in the mirro is your most loyal ally and strongest foe.

    Good post.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar
      Olawale Daniel

      Hi Jacko, I really agree with what you’ve just shared below…it is true that spying on a spouse is a delicate thing because the one who engaged in such action will sooner or later have heart attack due to the unconfirmed information that will keeps pouring in. 🙂 🙂

  3. Andy Avatar

    Well this was really an interesting article. I don’t think mobile phones are doing much for marriages. I believe trust between people is the most important thing. Thanks for sharing it.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar
      Olawale Daniel

      YEAH, you are right. Thanks for your comment 🙂

  4. chrisallen Avatar

    Another very important thing is that you need to confident abut your spouse and this could be possible when you find nothing after spying your spouse’s phone, That would be very happy news for you that there is nothing to worry.

  5. Mobile Booster Delhi Avatar
    Mobile Booster Delhi

    This is a very disturbing trend that puts people in the wrong psyche since marriage is all about loving and trusting someone.For Trust is the tendency to believe or tendency to get cheated ,choice is yours

  6. Andy Avatar

    The new color of your theme looks better. Is it the same thing with changed color or the new version of the theme?
    Looking very preety.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar
      Olawale Daniel

      Thanks friend for that

  7. maria Avatar

    i am worried about it . please give another post about it ,

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar
      Olawale Daniel

      I will surely do that soonest. Please subscribe to our mailing list for updates on that 🙁

  8. branded items Avatar
    branded items

    I have to say that mobile phones have caused so much damage in so many relationships. As much as it’s supposed to keep the people you love in touch with each other, it has also caused so many to be torn apart. I think it’s how it’s supposed to be used. Trust is such a big thing in marriages and in any other relationships as well. This has been a very interesting article and I’m pretty sure that this app is very helpful in some cases as well.

  9. Lyka Ricks Avatar

    This is interesting and cheaters would now learn new moves. If couples are faithful to each other, this would no longer be applicable.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar
      Olawale Daniel

      Thanks for the comment friend.

  10. Nirvana Avatar

    The subject is interesting and the article is tastefully written, the author is well versed with the peculiarities of the business. Would love to try this one day, anyway great job…

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    php training

    thanks for sharing such a nice information

  12. Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Avatar
    Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

    This article is related to modern issues like many relationship broken because of cellphones. Well I agree that trust is very important in a relationship. Cellphone can be a positive thing if you will use it properly,also it can be the root of destruction of the relationship of every people. So always keep in mind that use it for important matter only.Thanks for sharing this information it helps a lot. Looking forward to read more interesting post from you.

  13. Janet Avatar

    Hello there, your entire blog site is impressive. I really like your postings. Recent times, I concerned about if my boyfriend is sleeping with others, after that I considered to focus on him along with a spy technique which I came across on . I’m at the moment checking his phones and examining his text messages. There is really no signals of being unfaithful for now, I think I probably should not blame him.

  14. Nishadha Avatar

    Sorry for the irrevelant comment , I haven’t got a reply from you about the contest sponsoring and the guest post I sent you. Just wondering if you are checking the email and maybe my email went to spam or something.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar
      Olawale Daniel

      Could you please resend me the message, maybe I didn’t get that email from your or it went into SPAM. BTW, could you please give me your email with the message so that I can track it out?

  15. moneywisdomtips Avatar

    It a good tech in that it is revealing the wrongs that spouses do

  16. moneywisdomtips Avatar

    I honestly think spying is bad,anything that will raise suspicion in a home should be vehemently avoided

  17. Best cellphone apps Avatar
    Best cellphone apps

    Many people have felt the pain when they look away for an instance and find that their phone’s gone. Using cell phone spy is increasingly becoming one way of not only keeping data safe, but finding the phone thief as well.

  18. custom items Avatar
    custom items

    Facebook is supposed to reunite us with friends and have a good time, unfortunately human instinct kicks in and the result . . . trashing one another in the net is a common sight. Infidelity is on the rise because of people not being contented. We must understand that life is not perfect and fantasy is a lie that has serious consequences

  19. Watch Free Movies Online Avatar
    Watch Free Movies Online

    Well your topic is very helpfull & realted to modern era. its good & latest tech to know more about your spouse that he or she do what in the absence of yours. but i think faith & trust is too te important part of any relationship.

  20. wholesale sunglasses Avatar
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    I ultimately just want to provide a resource that helps people and it Mobile Phone Spy playing large role in Divorce cases.

  21. Carpet Arlington Avatar
    Carpet Arlington

    I really recognize with what you have just distributed below…it is real that neighbor’s on a partner is a gentle element because the one who involved in such measures will earlier or later have cardiac arrest due to the unconfirmed details that will keeps serving in.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar
      Olawale Daniel

      🙂 🙂 🙂 Sure…people are the cause of their own bad times in most cases 🙂

  22. Miley Avatar

    This article was wonderful. I believe trust and love are the two basic things but today people are just influenced by anyone and anything. 🙂

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar
      Olawale Daniel

      We need to trust our partners, it is true but what if that partner fails to do likewise? Tracking is good and bad as well. So think twice 🙂

  23. blackberry app developer Avatar
    blackberry app developer

    Thank God!..I am not married :)….but anyways…technology could be used in any way..its how you perceive it.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar
      Olawale Daniel

      But, soon you will. 🙂

  24. susci Avatar

    I guess mobile phones have both positive and negative impact in this issue. Positive because you would eventually find out if your husband or your wife is cheating you. And negative because it violates the privacy of that person. Phones have become the most important evidence in most divorce cases.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar
      Olawale Daniel

      Cool points. Thanks for your comment

    2. USMAN Avatar

      The subject is interesting and the article is tastefully written, the author is well versed with the peculiarities of the business. Would love to try this one day, anyway great job…

      1. Olawale Daniel Avatar
        Olawale Daniel

        That’d be great Usman!

        1. emma Avatar

          I am so surprised that ikeymonitor is not in the list above. Just make a search in google, you will see that it is ranked NO.1 . I have tested it, and it really works very well.

  25. philwebservices Avatar

    mostly evidence are caught through mobile phones not that actual but a sort of explaining why couples are divorcing ..

  26. best smartphone Avatar
    best smartphone

    It actually happens with most of the Smart Phone, specially with the Android OS..

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar
      Olawale Daniel

      Yes, you are right…but what of iPhones?

  27. Sarkari Naukri Avatar
    Sarkari Naukri

    This is a really very exciting tech support for spying.
    It’s certain that there is always a thought arising in minds to keep an eye on their husbands or wifes.

  28. Attorneys Avatar

    This is a very timely article written in time where divorce cases are rampant. I agree that many relationships were destroyed because of modern technologies like cellphone. However, technology innovation is inevitable, the most important is how people used it.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar
      Olawale Daniel

      It is really the bad time for some families because of the hard times they are experiencing. Thanks for your comment Joseph 🙂

  29. cleaning services oro Avatar
    cleaning services oro

    This is a very important and complicated topic that should be know about this article.Once its broken its so hard to repair. If you are secretly spying on the phone of your spouse you have to realize the person that has a problem is YOU.The person in the mirror is your most loyal ally and strongest foe.
    Good post.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar
      Olawale Daniel

      This is the best sayings ever and the person who engaged in such a behaviour should be warned or else, heart attack and some others 🙂 Not kidding

  30. Send Free SMS In Avatar
    Send Free SMS In

    I do not think so that a mobile phone is the cause of divorce because it is just a way of communication nothing more but I think some people use it as a weapon to destroy others life. Those peoples who do that are the most bad peoples in the world who cannot tolerate the happiness of others.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar
      Olawale Daniel

      Yes, I agree with your own point of view. It is true that some people loves to see others unhappy and only God almighty can save us from them. Thanks for your comment. You are welcome buddy 🙂

  31. harshit Avatar

    hmmm perfect said…………i like this image very interesting

  32. GSMSAVVY Avatar

    Well, with mobile money at hand, it’s easier for forensics to determine how a partner spends their cash and on who

  33. California Injury Lawyer Avatar
    California Injury Lawyer

    It is sad to hear that technology played a big part for two people who vowed to love and cherished each other for a lifetime to have their own separate ways. However, we can’t deny the fact that technology advancements, especially in the field of communication through mobile phones, makes it easy for everyone to communicate with each other. It’s just that, people should know their limitations and learn to be responsible of their own actions.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar
      Olawale Daniel

      Thanks for your comment. You are welcome buddy 🙂

  34. Criminal Defense Attorney Avatar
    Criminal Defense Attorney

    I guess this spysoftware should be banned because it actually doesn’t make any good to relationships. Spying on your spouse by means of intruding information stored in his or her phone could be considered a crime. We all know that stalking is already a crime. What more if you spy on every conversation your spouse is having through his/her phone? Regardless of your relationship toward the target, he/she is still entitled to have privacy by any means. Except for the law enforcement, any individual having offended another especially without the consent of the target is an illegal conduct. Marriage is a sacred matter. If there is suspicion on your marriage, it’s better to talk with your spouse directly instead of spying and dragging your case to the court.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar
      Olawale Daniel

      Yes, I support your points but the way everything is changing; day in, day out can cause someone to consider using such a thing since many families have lost the trust in their loved ones and I think using a spying software is a good idea in such a case. Thanks for your comment

  35. Actos litigation Avatar
    Actos litigation

    Well for me spying to your spouse or partner means that you don’t trust them. At this time, many relationship fails because of loss of good communication to patch things. I think this gadget has a negative effects to the user, because a person would lost his privacy because of this.

  36. California Car Accident Attorney Avatar
    California Car Accident Attorney

    Marriage is not an easy thing to get in to. It is a tragedy not only for the couple who decided to separate ways, but also to the children. The advancement in communication technology should not be used in order to gain an upper-hand in marital problems. When the couple decided to marry each other, they both agree with it. When marital problems occur, wouldn’t it be nice if they should sit down first and talk about it rather than use spy cam with each other to find faultiness? Couples should show respect towards each other. After all, they both say “I DO” when they get married.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar
      Olawale Daniel

      Your comment could be of great help to couples of homes out there that are finding it difficult to cope with the current situation. Thanks for this 🙂

  37. Daniel Avatar

    I am very amazed when I discovered how these mobile phone spy apps work. But this application has been used as a tool of secretive investigation on the spouses who cheated their partners. And as a result, the files that has been gathered by the mobile phone spy have become the evidence of divorce. In my own perspective, I will not grant records from the mobile phone spy as evidence of divorce. Because in the first place, the very first thing spy app is violating is the invasion of privacy or the anti-wire tapping law.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar
      Olawale Daniel

      You are right, but other people out there have different opinions as well 🙂

  38. Megan Avatar

    I agree that many relationships were affected because of the new inventions like this mobile phone. Thanks for the share!

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar
      Olawale Daniel

      You are welcome, so sorry that technology affects your marriage..have a pleasant week

  39. Actos litigation Avatar
    Actos litigation

    I don’t really in favor of the use of this technology as a spy. It violates th privacy of your partner, which you supposedly respect despite the fact that you are binded by commitment. Technology improve in a meteoric phase, fast as we expected it to be. However, there are times when it should take aback especially if it has negative effects.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar
      Olawale Daniel

      🙂 Thanks for your great comment, it really helps 🙂

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  41. Vivian Avatar

    This Article is interesting. I think we should not use these spying software on our lovers if we have any doubt in our mind we should clear it by talking with them . These spying software are very much helpful and must be use by the parents to keep track on their childre and kid’s.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      Yes, you have good point Vivian. It is beginning of hatred!

      It is a bad disease 😀

  42. Blackberry Application Developer Avatar
    Blackberry Application Developer

    it is a great tool to spy on your competition as well. The best thing is you don’t have to follow them to do this.

  43. Laf Avatar

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading this blog post

  44. Jack Smith Avatar

    It was really helpful that you are sharing this details to your readers, I do personally having a worth while in the article. Thanks for sharing such good release.

  45. Ruth Avatar

    I like this idea in a way but I don’t in other ways because some spouses can be controlling and possessive.

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar

      You are right Ruth.

      As we all know, there will always be other side of everything…as good as mobile phone spying is, so also bad is it especially for young couples that doesn’t trust each other very well before getting engaged.

  46. Ruth Avatar

    Today, you can do just about anything but not get away with it. Everywhere you turn there is an app for everything. When will it end.

  47. Amanda Scott Avatar
    Amanda Scott

    Hi, nice article, I am enjoying read this article you explain the nice information. Thanks for Sharing this article.

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