Mobile Phone Spy playing large role in Divorce cases

First it was social networking and now it is apps such as the mobile phone spy which are being termed as important factors in divorce proceedings. People every day are finding such apps useful in removing detrimental people from their lives, in terms of married couples the app has gone a step further.

Mobile phone spy apps work in stealth mode and collect all data and information which belongs to the phone owner. Several spouses have submitted to court the fact that they installed the mobile phone spy on their significant others phone. Details of their email communication, videos, pictures, text messages, contacts, call history etc. were all extracted from the phone through the mobile phone. It was later submitted as evidence of wrongdoing so that one party could claim more damage than the other.

Mobile Phone Spy playing large role in Divorce cases

Mobile Phone Spy playing large role in Divorce casesIn divorce cases where a large property is involved the iPhone spy app played a large role in tipping the scale in the favor of the installer. No mobile phone spy is easily traceable by the person whose phone it has invaded, which means that while it continues to collect and transmit their personal data and information to a remote online account which is only available for the installer to see. Splitting up who gets what is typically a hard and lengthy procedure when it comes to divorce cases, but not if one party can be proved as a bona fide cheater.

Cases where prenuptial agreements were part and parcel of the marriage have been complicated by the evidence created through mobile phone spy. A prenuptial agreement typically involves clauses relating to cheating or behavior which is harmful for the marriage.

Evidence collected through the mobile phone spy has become instrumental for some spouses in proving themselves the victim and shutting their soon-to-be-exes out of picture when it comes to the division of assets.

The mobile phone spy lets the installer secretly call the target phone where he/she either listens to whatever the target is saying/doing at the moment, or record it for later use. Recordings can easily be introduced during court sessions by the installer to support his/her side.

On top of this, the apps such as the iPhone spy app can trace the target user and records their locations constantly.Tracking can be done with GPS at a minimum interval of 8 minutes. And it doesn’t stop even if GPS is turned on because the iPhone spy app is able to latch onto different Wi-Fi and satellite connections and continuously send in updates.

Any cases where one’s spouse left for work but ended up at a hotel are caught in an instant. There are more cases we could relate with this article.

Have you ever had any experience related to surveillance by your spouse or someone close to you? Would you mind share them with us?

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