Modbook Pro OS X Mountain Lion tablet comes with an SSD

It seems the SSD – Solid state drive is now getting more popularity, maybe it will one day become a complete replacement for the HDD – Hard disk drive. Hardly had I came across a PC or tablet that is completely built on the SSD, what I see is a merger or a replacement option. The new Modbook Pro that is a clone of Apple’s MacBook Pro is a 13.3 inch tablet that has just been announced running a platform like the Apple OS X and has the SSD storage. The Modbook Pro is scheduled to release on October 3. The MacBook Pro emulator has no keyboard and touchscreen up front.Modbook Pro OS X Mountain Lion arrives with SSD


The 13.3 Modbook Pro arrives with a 64 GB capacity solid state drive (SSD) which could be go for upgrade up to 480 GB internal SSD, the device is scheduled to start shipping in mid of November. On the Modbook Pro device is a combination of the genue Apple MacBook Pro running OS X Mountain Lion hardware that has a digitizer made by Wacom for 512 levels of pen pressure sensitivity along with a ForceGlass pen platform and can as well run on Microsoft Windows 7.

The default configuration of the Modbook Pro comes with 64 GB SATA SSD Nishara-class that has NAND technology, and it is provided to be upgraded to an SSD 480 GB of storage. The NAND technology brings you higher speed and performance that is found on flash based storage.

The Modbook Pro will start selling in the US by Wednesday and shipments are scheduled for November. The Modbook makers clearly stated that this is not the original Apple MacBook Pro, but its modification.

“The Modbook Pro is an enclosure conversion kit designed to exclusively contain an original MacBook Pro base system manufactured by Apple Inc. Apple Inc.’s one-year warranty on the base system is voided by the conversion and replaced with the Modbook Pro Protection Plan, which covers the entire hardware solution, including the base system.”

What can you say about the new Modbook Pro OS X Mountain Lion tablet introduction? Do you think it is going to be an exciting tablet?





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