Space Race Is On! – How the Modern day space race affects your daily life

Mankind has always looked for a future far beyond his immediate present, both figuratively and literally. This pattern of thought, unhindered by time or space has enabled man to dream of soaring the skies and the space beyond it. But naturally man does not send a comrade to the moon without saying to his neighbour ‘Hey! I did it first’. And thus the space race was born which at its height in the 20th Century saw two heavy weights of the world take centre stage in the race to ascertain which was superior in terms of space exploration and technology. Nearly thirty five years after the end of the cold war we see mankind has rekindled these flames of rivalry. But amazingly instead of seeing world governments going head to head we see in true resident evil fashion mega corporations that drag on for the supremacy of aerospace aviation with Elon Musk announcing his plan to colonize the Mars, and Peter Beck intending for his corporation to launch commercial flights at much cheaper rates than competitors and with much more frequency. The space race is truly on. But what does this really imply for you and me?

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The Air Space Race Is On! Here’s Everything you need to know about the development.

Space race is on - but what is in it for you?
Space race is on – but what is in it for you?

Creation of a market for space products and services:

The space race throws open a wide door of opportunities in the creation and distribution of space and aerospace related products and services at relatively inexpensive prices. Well, this does not mean you or I could go out take a short trip to space and buy a space doughnut. Then again maybe it does. With commercial flights to space now seen as a possibility in the near future, Peter Beck of Rocket Lab already launching 3 rockets per week into space as well as Amazon’s Jeff Bezos spearheading the creation of the New Shepard passenger capsule, man’s modern day age of the space race is already creating avenues for regular and efficient travels into space. Other services to be rendered include, interplanetary exportation of goods to space, therefore, making it possible for a group of astronauts to stay for much longer periods in space.

Threat of a truly global catastrophe:

One of the truly darker themes on this list, but with the possibilities as technology crosses a whole new horizon it isn’t a far-fetched idea any longer. Recent developments in the aerospace industry have made it truly easy to plant satellites in space. These satellites, used for a wide variety of purposes of which one of top priorities is defence, creates a truly easy and sometimes irresponsible way to develop military systems and tools essential for nuclear warfare. With the tensions rising between the United State and North Korea it isn’t too much of an estimate to believe that the current nuclear tensions could only be accentuated by cutting edge space technology being innovated.


What could indeed be better than the potential of every human being having access to the best medical care? Well that potential is now a possible reality with each day that comes near, with the recent improvements made by NASA in the telemedicine platform, it is now possible for a doctor in a remote location round the world to monitor and understand the health of his patient as well as treat him from half way round the world.

With the advent in the various technologies of the era, space technology and indeed the modern space race has pushed forward the need for a comprehensive health understanding and long distance treatment of people far and isolated from traditional means of medical care.

Means to address other global challenges:

The challenges faced and possible responses to them are numerous and rather difficult to list in a short article of this nature. But the space race in the modern day capacity pushes the limits on what is possible and what isn’t. Will Earth’s rapid population growth eventually be tackled by Elon Musk’s dream of humans settling on Mars? Will Peter Beck’s dream to permanently link the two planets be ever achieved? Will either of these discover an alien life form who might share the key to life’s and indeed the earth’s problems with us?

These are questions that demand the attention of every space enthusiast, scientist and even casual observers. And mankind has a duty to explore this possibilities that could pave a way for the major successes in the future, as Guissepe Cocconi and Philip Morrison once said in their paper “the probability of success is difficult to estimate, but if we never search, the chance of success is zero”





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