Online Video Monetization Tips: How to Make Money from your Videos?

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Would you wish for a loyal audience or a large one? As far as social media is concerned a loyal rather than large fan base is vital to your internet marketing success. Lead generation takes place , only when the target audience receives your message. Video sharing platforms like Youtube and video sharing apps like Thwapr, Staree and many more,  have taken a step forward to convert this far-fetched dream into reality. These video sharing apps not only help businesses establish a meaningful relationship with customers, but help them drive sales as well with simple to use platform that enable them to monetize videos uploaded to their servers.How Do I Monetize my Video Online for cash

How to Monetize Your Video Online – Make Money Now!

Youtube’s  recent Partner Program offers its members the facility to monetize their video content both on and off of YouTube. While for smartphone users, Thwapr’s ‘Share to Phone’ button enables consumers to share videos from any web or mobile website directly to their friends’ mobile phones. This service also helps the users monetize their videos by displaying ads on videos. Staree, a new photo and video sharing service pays good photographers if your photo or video receives a large number of views. This service may bring lucrative offers from advertisers if your work is exceptional. I will show you tips to help you monetize video right below, please read on:

Here are a few ways to monetize video online for more money: 

1. Sell ads after, before or during a video

With the advent of smartphones and good quality cameras, shooting an appealing video is a cakewalk. The video content being uploaded is free, but creator scan make money by selling ads around the video experience. Selling ads on your video will give you better power to monetize video you uploaded online better than any other methods and since websites like Youtube and others offer online video monetization activities tracking, it is easy to integrate that into your business.

How to Monetize Video Online?
How to Monetize Video Online

2. Pay-per-view sales

Webinars serve a perfect citation for pay per view sales. For this kind of monetization is PayPal integration; along with other options like built-in ad server and an ad manager. You can monetize video owned by you simply by using Pay per view tracking company to help you track your video performance in order to make money from your video contents.

3. Sponsorships

An advertising brand is mentioned or displayed in the beginning of a video to exhibit that it is sponsoring the video.  A brand having a large fan base can be a big payoff for companies who sponsor video content.

4. Licensing

Suppose you create an exceptional video; companies in the same niche can offer you a good amount of money to buy it from you, instead of creating their own from scratch. For instance whosoever has their videos on Netflix is getting paid for the rights to use the license.

Even Hollywood marketers bring forth free teasers of movies, but the users have to pay a good amount of money to buy full movies.

Signing up to these video monetizing platforms is quite easy. Monetizing your content will make you eligible to earn money and receive payments with the help of advertising tools, pay-per–view, subscription models, and built-in reports. Some video monetization services also give you an in-depth analytics so that you can trace the results effectively.

What are you waiting for? Hone your video shooting skills to make some money for monetizing video online!

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