Motorola releases details of Ice Cream Sandwich Updates

Motorola, (Techatlast) —- There has been some lots of voices out there about the Ice Cream Sandwich updates and the likes from different mobile smartphone makers lately. And the whole worlds of smart phones has been expecting the updates lately on their phones, whereby the phone makers are still expected to release those updates on their devices.

Motorola, being one of the best mobile phone makers throughout the world, has released a short information about its ICS update.

If you are new to Ice Cream Sandwich, it would be great to read that article in order to know more about it.

But, if you had already known what an ICSstands for, then you can read on to the end of this article.

Motorola has recently posted on its website’s forum, more information about its product future updates. The info provided is broad and there aren’t specific dates listed in the information that was posted.

Though, we know that the rollout for the Xoom is currently going on and the one for the Xoom family is on the way next, but we can’t say much on others.

So, we’ve posted below a short list of the updates as stated by Motorola so that you can know when next your device will have update.

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motorola ics updates

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