Mozilla and Google Sign New Agreement for Default Search in Firefox

Mozilla, the popular web browser provider worldwide has been reported signing another agreement with Google, the popular search engine service provider, for the next three years to continue the default search page on Firefox. The company signed the agreement after the previous contracted expires some days ago and Mozilla doesn’t removed Google search page from its default search settings – which later cause Google to continue the deal by agreeing to a new contract. This new contract agreement will see the two company working together for the next three coming years mozilla default firefox search deal sealed

On Mozilla blog, the statement to let people know about this development by Gary Kovacs, the CEO, Mozilla reads:

“We’re pleased to announce that we have negotiated a significant and mutually beneficial revenue agreement with Google. This new agreement extends our long term search relationship with Google for at least three more years.

Under this multi-year agreement, Google Search will continue to be the default search provider for hundreds of millions of Firefox users around the world.”

On the other hand, Alan Eustace, the Senior Vice President of Search at Google says:

“Mozilla has been a valuable partner to Google over the years and we look forward to continuing this great partnership in the years to come. The specific terms of this commercial agreement are subject to traditional confidentiality requirements, and we’re not at liberty to disclose them.”

Just like what Alan said, the agreement terms are yet to be disclosed by both parties.

[Mozilla Blog contributed to this news]

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