Mozilla Removes Firefox Favicons from all of its URLs

Mozilla is up to another thing once again. The last time we wrote about them was when they released a new version that majority of our users complained about that is it was too slow. Since then, the company has been making some changes that we normally hates 🙂

Off recent, Mozilla has removed the age-old favicon used by all of the sites in their URL’s and it will no longer be supported inside the URL address bar within the Firefox as it used to be. The favicon has long been used to add beauty to websites that doesn’t have their special favicon. And with this development, I cannot say exactly what makes them do so.

Firefox 121 favicon removed
Firefox 121 favicon removed

But according to Mozilla, they said the reason for doing so is due to security issues. Mozilla says that any unscrupulous website can publish  the favicon as a padlock to make people believes that their website is secure to browse at first glance but untrue. Mozilla explains as thus:

“Websites that use SSL certificates with Extended Validation will now have a green padlock next to the certificate owner’s organisation name.

Websites that use SSL certificates without Extended Validation will now have a grey padlock. The effective hostname will no longer appear next to the padlock. This information is redundant with our darkening of the effective hostname in the website address.

Websites that do not use SSL certificates or have mixed-content will fallback to a globe icon.”

The favicon is also used in the bookmark lists to help the user differentiate different sites from the others. In the meantime, Google has also removed the favicons from their own Google Chrome browser some times ago which is somehow similar to this effect. However, they still allows users to use them in the tab used to separate pages within their browser and bookmark list in the browser. And we just hope that Mozilla will so something similar to that as well.

Source: TNW

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