N7 Music Player presents 3D experience for Android Users

On Android, there are various music players that people could easily use to play a lot of music files but N7 Mobile Sp.z.0.0. has recently present a beta version of the N7 music player app.

Presently, there are no other player app that can easily send this app to the end of the queue when  it comes to cool user interface or what else do we need to mention that you would not see in this music player. It has features that shows songs by artist, playlist, genre, albums, and folders.

There are too many useful features that you can experience using this app; features such as the natty home screen widget with full screen supported lock screen, and a cool zoom-able home screen plane that shows your favorite artists and their albums and many more.

It has five band equalizer which includes, re-verb effects, bass boost, presets, and sound virtualization with the inclusion of the SRS/Dolby Surround feature which is mainly available for all Android Gingerbread users. It is very certain that you will love this cool Android music player.n7 music player for android

Features of the N7 Music Player for Android

It is equipped with option-packed music library that let you add music bits to your phone’s currently playing list tracks with its smooth navigation pane.

It also comes with a multi-touch support. N7 spotted with an ability to downloading album art from other sources online.

It will also scan your computer for all the musics there and help you list them under their respective actors without you having to do those things.




The viewings tab for this new app is very large and it comes with a navigable option that lets you scroll up/down to your fav artist anytime you wanted to. You can also zoom the screen to see the full albums see majority of the tracks under one another by tapping it.

Any album from a particular artist are being arranged vertically along the right area of the screen.

With this new updated app, you can select a particular track from its parent album and play it without stress.  You should watch the video embedded below for more information on that.

The N7 music player app for android is still in its beta version and the tags of each music are still not yet recognized by this app which means, you will have to get the full version before you can see music tags.

Presently, there is no support in this app for lyrics and playback control through headset (see BlueTooth($) on Amazon here). Also, there is currently no support for streaming of music from the cloud e.g. Google Music integration or Syncing. But the benefit is that, it offers good and quality sound.n7 music player for android 2



The N7 mobile player version 1.0.4  has been updated with features like:

  •  EQ problem has now been found and its fix is coming soon!
  •  Better headset controls and larger widgets is under development!
  •  Widget bug fixes done
  •  Added Virtualized sound effects though this requires 2.3+ to work but the SRS/Dolby Surround has been updated with this 🙂
  •  Majority of the bug fixes has been fixed with many improvements

The app is freely available for Android 2.2 and other higher version, but you must remember that it is still in beta mode and it will take at least 2.4 MB space of your phone to get installed. Scan the below QR code to get it now.

download qr code for N7 music player

PS: The $ dollar sign signifies an affiliate link, you should know that whenever you clicked on such, you are being sent to a page to buy the product linked there. Thanks


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    • Yeah, QR codes is a great way….but sometimes, hackers embedded viruses on it. You need to be sure of where you are getting it from though, not Techatlast. We’re clean 🙂

  1. HTML5 is too far than flash and also flash is very powerful than HTML5. Below are the few points which I have noticed
    1) Video compatibility youtube html5 player need different format of video for different browsers, which directly impact on storage and bandwidth)
    2) Styling (need separate CSS for different browsers)
    3) Multiple audio support at one time and simulations
    4) Code is not secure
    And many more…

    But as per my analysis and Adobe Flash acceptance for HTML 5. Seems that after few years HTML 5 will be closer competitor.

  2. I will surely try this if it is compatible with my Eclair OS based device, right now using Picus Audio Player music player which gives me real sound effects and cool gui along with all required features built in.

  3. Dear Olawale,

    Thanks for the great app. (trail version)
    I have my music on the extSdCard. N7 dos not auto collect the music files on the extSdCart. I tried some config cahnges “Enabel directory filter”ands select my musci dir on the exSdCart. Still no succes.

    So my question is in fact: How do I get my music that’s on the exSdCart in N7?


  4. hello olawale,

    thanks for review, I would like to know your feedback on Euphony Music Player. It is promising music player for android. They provides external skin and language applications as well, apart from good sound effects.

    Lancy B


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