How Negative Online Company Reviews Can Affect Your Business and Recruiting Efforts

Negative online company reviews, should you care or not?

People have always been asking around before using or becoming part of a particular business. Due to the easy access to information enabled by the Internet, the reputation of your business is more visible than ever. Smart job candidates always research potential employers before responding to their offer. Thus, you have to manage your online reputation successfully if you want to attract the best workers and improve the performance of your business.

You might think that a single bad review doesn’t mean much. You’ll ask your employees and friends to write tons of positive opinions to make up for the damage. Unfortunately, that’s not how it works. Let’s see how exactly negative online company reviews can affect the effectiveness of your human resource department, as well as the overall business.

How Negative Online Company Reviews Impact Recruiting

The explanation is simple: negative customers’ reviews affect the impression people get when they want to know more about your business. It was easier when they didn’t have access to Internet; potential job candidates had to ask around in order to find out who they would be dealing with. Today, a single Google search is enough to discover the piquancy.

Let’s say you want to attract a particularly talented programmer. He is already working for another employer, so you might think that a better payment would be enough to get him on your side. The most important factor to influence his decision is the working environment. Are you a good boss? Do you provide incentives? He will want to get this information from your current and past employees. Since such opinions are easily available online, the impression he gets will influence his decision.

The reviews of your customers are also part of the factors that form the initial impression for your business. Are they bragging about your products and services online? Are they satisfied with the customer support? If there is a mixed bag of reviews on sites like LinkedIn, Yelp! and Glassdoor, a skilled worker is going to think twice before accepting your offer.

How Negative Online Company Reviews Impact Your Overall Business

You probably understand the way a negative review affects a customer’s decision. If, for example, you are offering makeup services and there are clients saying that you cancel appointments and make them late for events, you’ll lose tons of potential customers.

The fact that you lose both customers and high-quality workers can be detrimental for your success. Is there a way out of the dirt?

How to Fix the Damage of Negative Online Reviews against your BrandHow to deal with negative online company reviews

You are not as powerless as you think you are. There is a proper way to deal with bad reviews. The first step is doing something about it. Do not ignore them!

1. Get more positive reviews!

You can ask your current employees and happy customers to share their opinions online. Do not tell them what to write; allow them to be creative and ask for their honesty. If they have something to say about a former employee who tried to ruin your reputation, they can respond to his review with arguments to your advantage.

2. Respond to the reviews!

If someone leaves a positive online review, you are immediately inspired to respond with gratitude. What do you do when the review is not that good? Respond with no delays! Since job seekers read those reviews, it’s important to offer a prompt and polite response that shows you care about the way people perceive your business.

3. Report the fake reviews!

Everyone can leave an online evaluation. Unfortunately, your competition can use that opportunity to ruin your reputation, so you have to be careful about that possibility. If a fake review is damaging your rank, report it immediately! Most reviewing platforms are willing to collaborate if you provide solid evidence that someone is trying to undermine your business.

Take Online Company Reviews Seriously!

Your business will suffer serious consequences if it gets negative online reviews. You should do your best to get as many recommendations as possible, so ask your customers and employees to help. Be open to criticism; sometimes a bad review can make you aware of your mistakes. When you are interviewing potential job candidates, do not be harsh on them. If you humiliate someone during an interview, you won’t have to wait long before you see the online revenge.

Respond to all reviews, no matter whether they are negative or positive. Show your side of the story and enable job hunters to perceive the reality about your business!

Has anyone ever posted a negative online company reviews against your brand and how did you manage the outcome of the event?

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