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Live Coverage of Apple’s Unveiling the New iPad, iOS 5.1, Apple TV, iPhoto, iWork & SketchBook

Apple Inc. on Wednesday has uncovered a new version of the popular table device which we have speculated about some months back. I’m talking about the new iPad with a 4G capability and higher-resolution screen, and an update to the Apple TV box. It was the second time that the Apple CEO, Tim Cook will be presenting Apple’s product to the media – the first was when he was presenting the iPhone 4S back then in October, 2011.

Techatlast keeps you updated right from the beginning to the end of the event at Yerba Buena Center for Arts in San Francisco, U.S is below for your reading pleasure.

Tim Cook unveiling iPad
Tim Cook unveiling the iPad in San Francisco

2:15 P.M.: Wrapping Up of the Event

Starting now is a video showing all about the iLife apps. The voiceovers as I think, was done by Billy Crudup in Apple Videos.

The video summarizes most everything that we have heard and makes them simple for us to understand. These aren’t just about the iLife, but about the whole new iPad.

One of our team notes that current iPad owners will have to raise cash in order to buy the new one, but noted that, if at all majority of them aren’t able to raise money for the new one, here he provides this guide to show them how to sell the old one to raise money for the new one.

Presently, iPad 2 still remains available on the market at its actual price even with the launch of the new version. The old iPad costs $399 as at the time of writing this… though we’re very certain the price will soon go down as soon as people started buying the new one, which is now available for PRE-ORDER here. But, if you still want the 3G iPad with Wi-Fi access, it costs $529 and you can get it as well from the widget below.

Enough of that, Mr. Cook is now back on the stage, giving us the clue about the product with a new iPad ad. Though, it is somehow vicious for him to be showing an ad to the large crowd of journalists in the room. They don’t need such, what they are after is the product, ready to be revealed to them.

Tim Cook has just started thanking everyone in the room, saying “Across the year, you are going to see a lot more of this kind of innovation. We are just getting started.”

And after that thanksgiving session, he left the stage. And here come an Apple logo, projected on the screen by the Apple media team.

2:08 P.M.: iPhoto for the new iPad

iphoto new ipad
iphoto new ipad

The new iPhoto for iPad is being unveiled with glass shelves to replace the old and badly looking cheap plywood that was used for the iBooks in the past.

According to Mr. Ubillos presentation on the stage, it shows that the new iPhoto can auto crop photos and do some kind of image browsing and others without much work to put in.

This new iPhoto would be a big hit for people that are into photography business, all because it would make them productive with its ease photo editing feature.

Now, when arranging your photos, the new iPhoto can help you pull in map and some historical weather data to make the image more interesting and presentable. What a wonderful image editing feature? It was cool and you gonna like it when the pre-order finishes.

1:55 P.M.: Apple Updates its iPad Apps 

Mr. Schiller, a member of Apple Inc. is back on stage. What is he talking about? Mr. Schiller is talking about the iWork – known as the Apple’s catalog of productivity apps, which has now been updated to work with the new version of the iPad.

There are many more apps for the iPad and few of them mentioned are iMovie, Garage Band and the iPhoto with cool features and it is independent app – not just pictures like it was before. It has its own app with multi-touch editing and photo browsing tools.

Right now, the Apple’s photo-app chief, Randy Ubillos, is now on stage.

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1:42 P.M.: Apple’s Software News

ipad games softwares
ipad softwares

Let us get back to the software. Mr Schiller said that all the iPad apps have been updated to be able to work with the new display and processor capacity. A great benefit for new iPad freak guys out there.

Now is the time for third-party developers.

Here’s a presentation from Autodesk. Autodesk’s Chris Cheung is speaking. Chris Cheung and some of his partner displayed SketchBook, which is a drawing app for iPad and other Apple products.

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But what concerns us most is the issue with the iPad not having a new look. I think Apple is priding itself believing that people will have to buy it the way they see it.

Mike Capp from Epic Games is now on with his colleague, playing the games.

1:38 P.M.: Wrapping Up on the New iPad

The new iPad comes with many great features, though, it’s going to cost $499 just the same rate as the old iPad.

It pre-orders has started since Wednesday right at the event, while it is going to be available on March 16th.

It storage capacities ranges from 16GB, 32GB, and 64 GB memory. Its prices are all the same just as the preceding version.

But there is no version code for the new iPad, it is not iPad 3 or any of the names we’ve speculated about for some weeks ago, so we can now think maybe this is the time when all the Apple products will go without version numbers such as the Macs.

1:32 P.M.: More iPad Features: Voice Dictation, 4G LTEWireless, Wi-Fi

LTE ipad
LTE powered ipad

Here comes the iPad Voice dictation option! It is a new key, very close to the space bar – with a microphone icon. You can now dictate what you want to say or write just like how the Siri works in iPhone 4S.

The 4G LTE wireless capabilities is what makes the tablet a big hit because users can now use good speed internet connection without hassle.  You can use the 4G LTE for faster internet access while you’re out of Wi-Fi internet service – just like when you are travelling while blogging.

The new iPad will support HSPA+ with mean, it can transfer data at 21 mbps; dual-carrier HSPA at 42mb; and LTE which comes with a 73mbps data transfer rate.

Mr. Schiller then talks more about how video buffering works much faster for you to start watching online video sooner than expected.

According to what he said, AT&T and Verizon wireless will be the carriers for the new iPad in the United States, where the ACTA seating will be taking place this month. LTE powered iPads in the U.S. will be configured for each network, since they work on different frequencies. Also, the new iPads are as well compatible with the 3G networks globally.

1:29 P.M.: More Detailed information on the new iPad

cool ipad camera features
cool ipad camera features

According to Mr. Schiller, the new model requires high power processor (the Apple A5X quad-core chip). He says the new chip is even faster than the older chip and can handle graphics twice the capacity of the older one.

Still ahead; We’re on the verge of showing you the second feature of the new version of the Apple iPad. The new feature is called, the iSight camera – it comes with a 5-megapixel sensor. The iSight camera is the one on the back side of the iPad – whereas the front facing camera will still be the same Facetime Camera that we’re familiar with before. And it is basically for videoconferencing.

The iSight camera has good face detection capacity as well. It can record video at 1080p resolution.

And here’s Mr. Schiler showing us a video taken by the iSight on a bench.

One more thing to take note of in this version of the iSight, it has a video stabilization capacity, which is mainly to help you stabilize video content and makes it okay from shakes.

1:23 P.M.: The New iPad with no version number

a new baby ipad
Behold the New iPad

Phil Schiller, a senior vice president of Worldwide Marketing, is now ready to speak right on stage. What was he saying? It is all about the new iPad having Apple’s high-resolution Retina display. Isn’t that great news? Yes, it is.

If you can recall, Apple retina display was first spotted on the iPhone 4 and now is the time for the iPads.

The new iPad retina display is 2,048 by 1,536 pixels. We can as well rate it to be equal to 3.1 million pixels, which mean, it has an additional million pixels than the 1080p high definition TV.

On size, the phone has 264 pixels per inch, and when it comes to color, it has a 44% better color saturation.

Mr. Schiller quotes as saying “four times as many pixels as the older iPad.”

1:18 P.M.: About the iPad, the things you need to know

Few about the iPad. In the fourth quarter of last year, Apple sold 15.4 million of iPads.

Apple CEO, Tim Cook has this to say: “When we set out to make the iPad, we did not just want to make a new product, we wanted to create a new category.”

Mr. Cook is now giving speech about the company’s competitors. To make his speech cool, he showed us a Twitter app which is on an Android Tablet.

He says, “it looks like an overstuffed smartphone app, because that’s. Exactly. What. It. Is.”

He then compares that with the current version of the iPad and play jokes that people were wondering who will come up with the best tablet. But the truth is, we’re the only one.

1:14 P.M.: More on the New Apple TV

a new Apple TV User interface uncovered
The new Apple TV User interface uncovered

Now is the time for Mr. Cue to take his own speech about the iCloud and the Apple TV. He says that we can now pull up our previously purchased movies.

Apple TV presently goes for $99; it is still the same price as it was with the old version. And it is now available for pre-orders online. But, you can check the Amazon script below to book yours.

1:12 P.M.: A New Version of Apple TV

A new Apple TV has just been announced supporting a 1080p high-definition content and it has a new cool interface.

Mr. Eddy Cue who is a senior vice president for Internet Software and Services was the one who demonstrated it. Apple TV screen savers have been changed to juicy photos from the National Geographic.

1:05 P.M. Tim Cook on iOS 5.1

Mr. Cook talks about the iOS 5.1 which is the latest update for the iOS 5 software download for most of the Apple products.

He also made mention of the Siri, the personal assistant app designed inside the iPhone 4S. He says “Siri is your best friend.” And he promised that it will be available for customers in Japan as part of its iOS 5.1.

1:01 P.M. Tim Cook closes the whole event

Tim Cook has now taken the stage — ready to give the final speech. He is bold, happy and in good condition to speak!

What he’s talking about is the evolution of the post-PC devices, iPod, iPad and iPhone.

He says, “The iPad is reinventing portable computing and outstripping the wildest expectations.”

In the meantime, last year, Apple sold 172 million devices, and the company brought in 76% of revenue in the fourth quarter.

Tim Cook revealed it that the retail stores are imperatives to the post-PC shopper — he said that “the devices are new to many people, and people need to get familiar with them.”

The event was round up with a projected display of the Apple’s new store that is based in Amsterdam, Holland. And as at now, it is the largest of Apple retail store ever.

That is how the event goes….thanks for reading and staying with us.

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