New Security Features Introduced with Windows 10

Microsoft products are among the most used in the world, and because of their widespread popularity and use, these products are unfortunately often targeted by various types of threats and cyber-attacks. With the latest update released by Microsoft, Windows 10, users will benefit from having access to even more security features. With a closer look at what these are, you will see that these are features that you may want to benefit from by upgrading to the latest Windows version. Windows 10 security

Windows HelloWindows 10 security

If you are concerned about the vulnerability associated with using a password or a PIN, you may feel more secure using Windows Hello as a login function. Windows Hello uses biometrics, such as your fingerprint, your eye’s iris or your facial features, to identify you for login purposes. The actual user must be physically present in front of the computer in order to log in and use the features, but you will need to have a machine or equipment with biometric reading capabilities.

Windows PassportWindows 10 security

Windows Passport is another new feature available through Windows 10. It can work in conjunction with Windows Hello or a PIN to authenticate the user. Once the user has been authenticated, the user will have access to a full list of networks for finances, social media, business networking and more.

Device Guard Windows 10 security

One of the biggest threats that users of previous versions of Windows faced related to zero-day attacks. These are threats that have become immediately known and that the programmers have not yet had time to develop a fix for. The time immediately after this threat is introduced is the time when users are most vulnerable. Device Guard is effective at preventing zero-day threats because it blocks any enterprises, apps or software programs that are not deemed to be trustworthy. This is best used in conjunction with a comprehensive anti-virus program.

Windows Store: Trusted AppsWindows 10 security

Windows Store was first available for users using Windows 8, and it continues to be available for Windows 10 users. There are currently more than 206,000 trusted apps that are available for users to download through the Windows Store. This is very similar to Apple’s App Store, but the apps available through the Windows Store must be approved by Microsoft before they become available to you. Because of this, they are deemed to be safe to download. Because the Windows Store is a relatively new option available for Windows users, you may find that there are still some kinks and limitations available through these apps. Updates and new developments are expected to continue in coming years.

Secure Boot Windows 10 secure boot

The Secure Boot feature is not new to Windows 10 users, but some may think it is. This is a security feature that was previously available through Windows 8, but many people did not know that it was an option available for them to use because the feature was disabled and had to be manually turned on through Windows 8. This is a security feature that is designed to prevent malware attacks and rootkits issues during the booting process. It works by only allowing Microsoft and other software programs to load during a boot process. While this is a beneficial feature, you should be aware that Linux users may need to disable Secure Boot due to the fact that Linux is not an approved program.

Microsoft EdgeWindows 10 Microsoft edge browser

Microsoft Edge is the new default Internet browser available on Windows 10. It is designed to remove support for legacy technologies while also enabling integration with new technology, and this makes it lighter and more navigable. This browser essentially eliminates the security vulnerabilities associated with the Windows operating system. Every web page that is visited through Edge will run in an app container, which is deemed to be considerably more secure than the alternative. This works in conjunction with Passport technology for one-time authentication, and there are anti-phishing features in place as well.

Innovating security with new technological updates is crucial. With the new security features available in Windows 10, it will be difficult for cyber-attackers to find a blind spot to penetrate.


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