New Twitter app for iPad, iPhone and Android receive updates

New Twitter app for iPad and iPhone

A brand new application for Twitter is now on iPad, it completes the sliding pane effect on the formal version, and it is designed by Loren Britchter, the author of the Tweetie app on iPhone.

On the new application, tweets appear on a single list on the screen, either in landscape or portrait. The Twitter application display came wasting the iPad screen real estate, the developer could have made something that will utilize the screen so well.

The Twitter application has just four icons on the side bar together with important features such as direct messages and lists hidden inside the Me tab. This UI design is poor.New Twitter for iPad

Other features added includes an image gallery for uploaded images in the Me tab and the viewing pictures in full screen mode.

More so, the iPhone and Android version of the Twitter app has been updated, with both now having the image gallery like the iPad version and a new style view for profile in the Me tab or else it will still look the same as the old Twitter app version.

The iPhone version looks decent, while the Android version is almost haggard. The Holo theme is completely out of it, it was introduced on the Ice Cream Sandwich last year, the same defect on the Gingerbread UI element such as radio button. Till yet, regardless of how powerful your phone is, the Android Twitter app remains stutter.

This shows that Twitter doesn’t know how to make a good mobile application for its own service, but the worse is that, the third party developers who are doing very wonderfully, Twitter intends clamping them and trying to force people to use their own application and website.

What’s your say about the new Twitter app for ipad and iphone updates? Is this a good development or does it come with a bug on your device? Please share your views.






6 responses to “New Twitter app for iPad, iPhone and Android receive updates”

  1. lewisdotmy Avatar

    nice app for iPhone

    1. Olawale Daniel Avatar
      Olawale Daniel

      Hi Lewis, thanks for dropping your comments here.

      1. bashir Avatar

        nice app for iPhone

  2. James Sax Avatar
    James Sax

    Wow! Twitter looks much better in this new avatar. It seems much polished in terms of presentation, looks, creativity and other such relative features. I am currently using an android phone but I had no idea about this new twitter. I am going to download this as soon as possible now.

    1. Olukunle Moses Avatar
      Olukunle Moses

      Yea, I believe you are going to get a more enhanced feature getting the latest version. Thanks.

  3. Megan Avatar

    Twitter for Iphone and Ipad looks so much improved, I guess this is specially designed for Apple devices and is not and upgrade for Twitter on other mobile devices too. The application seems cool and the new display and layout is much more convincing.

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