The Preview the New YouTube Channel Design

youtube channelGoogle, in its bid to make things easier for all youtube channel owner, has provided another addition to its Youtube service by giving them access to customize their channels with their own brand. The new YouTube design was designed for users for the sake of one thing, the Cosmic Panda experiment. According to what Google said in its statement that, the goal of this redesign is an effort to help all the users to. It will help you:

  1. Customize Your Channel
  2. Engage Your Audience
  3. Expand Your Presence
youtube channelThis new design was based on all the feedbacks they received from partners, users and the channels owners. I got to know about this latest design with the help of Ileane from basicblogtips.

Benefits of the new profile on Youtube

  • More Additional Links: In this new design, you can add as many links as possible to your channel page without stress. That means you can now get more people coming to your blog just because of your videos. You can add your blog links without hassle.
  • More Profile Links: You can add more social profile accounts to your youtube channel. You have option to add your favourite social networks, such as Twitter and Facebook and Google+ but the negative part of it is that those links are no more dofollow. So, you should be expecting nothing except the visitors from the page to your blog, no link juices.
  • Ability to Engage Your Viewers: The new design offers additional feature which can make it more easier for you to engage with more people that are watching or viewing your channels.
  • Increase Subscriptrion: The new design offers an option where you can use to make people subscribe to your channel by email and that will give you more power to get more views.
You can subscribe to my YouTube channel to get updates from me whenever I upload new videos to help.

Key Features of the new Youtube Page:

  • You have an option to choose between three tabs as your default landing page for any visitors to your Youtube channel page – one is the Featured page, Feed page and the Videos page as well.
  • If you are using the Featured Tab, you have an option to pick four different layouts, like Blogger, Creator, Network and Everything.
To start enjoying this new design, you should click the Youtube Preview page and then start to use it. You can also read the post to know how to change your channel without much stress below:
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