Stay Informed With These Great News Apps

Having a smartphone makes it possible for you to read news as it occurs around the world. When you stop to think about it, that’s an amazing feat that can potentially empower everyone on the planet. Simply having a smartphone, however, isn’t going to keep you connected to the news. When you choose great news apps, though, you can stay on top of current events by reading your updates whenever you have time.

Best News Apps 2012 List

Press Reader News App – Browse the Newspaper on the Go

Press Reader News App

Press Reader news app is a very flexible app that lets you read articles from a wide range of newspapers. Instead of getting wet ink all over your work clothes, though, you just read the articles on your phone with the help of press reader news app which is highly ranked in the news apps category.

Press Reader is free news app, but you have to pay for the content ($.99 for a single article or $29.99 for a monthly subscription). You just pick the newspapers that interest you and they load automatically when you open the app. It’s as close to reading an actual newspaper as you’re going to get with a smartphone.

Pulse – Customize Your News

Pulse is another great new app for mobile users

Pulse has become one of the most popular news apps for one simple reason: it works very well. It has a layout that lets users browse stories easily; it operates quickly; and it’s compatible with just about any device.

When used on a smartphone, Pulse gives users a line of stories that might interest them. You can arrange these thumbnail stories in any order that you want. When used on a tablet, the icons spread out a bit while still letting the user scroll through the stories quickly.

One of the best things about Pulse is that it organizes stories into categories that actually make sense. You don’t get obscure categories like “world news.” Instead, you get to browse through categories and stories that let you know what kind of content to expect. That way, you don’t waste a lot of time searching for stories that interest you.

Currents – Browse Sites Easily from Your Mobile Device

Currents is another new apps

Currents is an app designed by Google that essentially turns websites into digital magazines. If you use Google apps on several devices, you can sync them automatically to use the one that makes the most sense at any given time.

Strictly speaking, Currents isn’t a dedicated news app since it works with all kinds of websites. Choose the Android Headlines edition, however, turns it into a media coverage monster that lets you browse, read stories, and share stories on Google+. If you’re a fan of Google, then you should put this on your phone immediately.

Flud – Focus on Your Interests

Flud is definitely a cool idea that stands out from the other apps on this list. Flud bases its news coverage on the user’s personality and social connections. When you sign up for Flud, it asks you a series of questions that help it determine what types of news stories will interest you. If you’re particularly interested in civil rights and economics, then it will “flood” that type of story to your device. Over time, it learns more about your preferences to offer you a unique experience.

The social aspect of Flud is also pretty amazing. People can follow your newsfeed on Flud. It also lets you share news stories with your friends, so you can flood their feeds with stories that you think they will want to read.

Pocket – Save Current Events for Later 

Pocket mobile news appsPocket isn’t really a news app. It’s more like a companion app that you can use to enhance your experience with any of the above news applications. With Pocket, you can store information from your apps so that you can read content at any time, even when you’re offline. That’s great for travelers and subway commuters who can’t trust their Internet connections.

These apps give you a chance to stay informed about any topic that interests you. Which ones interest you the most? Have you used any of these before?






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