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As we’ve posted on our guest posting guidelines page, we’re no longer accepting just any kind of guest posts here on TechAtLast. We care about the integrity of our brand, thereby publishes legal, truthful, educative and encouraging content to enlighten our readers. Any guest post submitted to us below 800 words are considered to be low-value posts and we won’t read them, let alone publish them on the blog.

The type of posts we want here are:

  • In-depth latest technology and science discoveries and news.
  • In-depth Tech product reviews and comparison.
  • Well-researched news article on business and technology.
  • Breaking news
  • Discovered content, ready for release.

You must take note that readers are can identify rehashed contents easily – and we won’t publish them on TechAtLast. To be a published author here, you’ll have to deliver something ‘extraordinaire’.

“I’m afraid you may end up wasting your time sending guest posts to us if you don’t have good communication skills. You have to show the editor why you’re better than him in a certain area, not about bragging though! 🙂

Basic Requirements for Submission

 Follow the guide below to get started writing for Techatlast.

1. Length matters: Minimum of 800 words is okay

Your post must not be less than 800 words as this will cause us to reject your article. However, you can send a shorter post if it deals with latest news and tips or something similar (but it must not be shorter than 600 words). Any submitted article which does not qualify with the above will be purged automatically.

2. Be Yourself, don’t fake your profile for client’s work.

It is good to write to please your clients, but please don’t misuse the opportunity bestowed on you. Be clear and honest, and your guest post contents will get published faster than you could ever have expected.

3. Author Bio Issue

We’ve been seeing lately that guest posters are becoming even smarter than uncle Google!, I think I should let you know about this.

You must fill your author bio settings by default, even if you are aiming at getting your links inside the post’s content. Any author with no author bio details will be deleted. We want to know you and your business.

4. Give Back to us; Social Sharing

Since we’re helping you launch into the deep of your business promotion, I think it’s fair to ask you to give back to us by sharing your guest blogged contents on some of the popular social media sites. We’ve enabled social media sharing button for all newly published contents.

If you do not share your own guest posts or respond to comments, chances are your post might have nofollow attributes few days after its publication, or even gets deleted. 

We do this to protect our readers interest!

We are no longer working with writers who have hopes of getting backlinks at all costs without giving back to our community. If you want your posts to get dofollow backlinks, make sure to SHARE YOUR GUEST POSTS on as many social media sites as possible.

“Any guest posts with no social sharing from the author automatically reduces its chance of getting full dofollow benefits”

NB: You’re also required to add TechAtLast to your “Contributor to” page for rel=author attributes. If you don’t know how, click here for the tutorial.

5. Target the right traffic

Don’t write only because you want to get traffic from Techatlast; but rather, you can spice up your content by writing exceptional content that gets shared. that will make our visitors consider your blog or promoting links worthwhile. This is not because we want to burden you. We just want to make things easier for you and for us as well.

6. Originality

The guest post must be entirely original and not published elsewhere on the internet, and truly yours!

Your post must not exist somewhere else on the internet. Use Google search to check your title for plagiarism. (If you need help, kindly use http://smallseotools.com/plagiarism-checker/ to check your draft)

7. Self Promotion

In one simple word, we don’t allow self-promotion! We can do that for you if we think you deserve one.

8. Legality of your media materials is very important

Your submission must be legally yours to use. If you want to submit your guest post, make sure that additional information that are included in the script are legally yours or something you can use. If you’ve used anything – like an image – which isn’t yours, please credit the owner.

You can get free images and photos to use in your post here: free images for your posts. Also make sure to add credit to the image by pasting the direct download link at the end of your post.

9. No affiliate links

I don’t know why you’d want to do this in the first place. We do not allow affiliate website promotion, and if you were caught trying to play “hide and seek” with our editors, your content will be deleted without notice and you will forfeit the chance forever.

10. Replying to Comments on your content

We are serious about engagement. If you don’t respond to comments on your article, the site has been configured to automatically render your link nofollow after few days. So, make sure  to respond to (at least) 3-8 comments on your post before you leave the rest for the site admin.

With all of our guidelines understood to this point, you can now proceed to the end of this page for registration link so you can start writing immediately.

write guest post for techatlast and get quality backlinks to your website - write for us and get dofollow backlinks to your site

How to submit the guest post or news article to TechAtLast editorial department?

Provide us with the guest post content in a Microsoft Word document if you are sending it via email, or follow the steps below. Images are mostly welcome in the form of a link or as an attachment via email to the editorial team. However, they must usage licence that allows posting on our blog. Please include proof of license. i.e. a link to the original image so that we can add the credit to the image.

Please note:

TechatLast.com can refuse any guest post from publication without prior notice. Please note we do not provide any payment or advert revenue sharing for submitted content at this time. If you want to know more about writing a guest post for us, send us an email.

Thanks a lot for your interest in writing for our website, as we hope to work with you for a very long time.

– Dept. Editor

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  1. Straight and easy to understand. I believe I’d get published on TechAtLast by following these guest posting guidelines. Thank you to the Techatlast team for making this possible for us.

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