Top 50 Best Nintendo Games for 2012

We all love games; there is definitely no age bound to playing console games. You will often find parents fighting a wrestling match against their little ones or even racing a car against their children. The very feeling of dwelling into your childhood is amazing.

So, what are some of the games that you should definitely be playing? What are some recommended games that you should buy your child? A review of the top 50 nintendo games of 2012 will help you get an idea.50 best nintendo games 2012

The Legend Of Zelda : Phantom Hourglass

This legendary game takes you down to the hometown of Zelda and is more of a one-on-one experience. It’s as if you are going through the places yourselves! The fact that you can use touch screen to direct your movements from one place to another within the maze of the game, makes it all the more interesting and attractive. The game does full justice to the Nintendo console by utilizing every little bit of it and hence makes your adventure overwhelming. You can even use a microphone and yell at the fortune teller in the game or even blow out candles! And the walk near the ocean truly brings the best out of the game. Now that is what you would want in a game: to bring it to life!

Grand Theft Auto: Chinatown Wars

If you’re into suspense, exploration and of course: DRIVING, this one is the game to put your hands on! The game takes you into the streets of Chinatown where you go through airports as well as ambulances; you use the touch screen to blow life into the patient you are dealing with and breathe life into the city itself. Different from its previous version, GTA IV, which was notorious for its seriousness, this version really amazes you with its brilliance and a few laughs as well. The vehicles themselves seem so real and even when you are walking on foot, you experience some larger than life weaponry that gets the fighter within you rolling!

Advance Wars: Dark Conflict

This game now calls for some hardcore play. No more childish charm that was initially associated with the earlier versions: It’s time to bring that man out of you! You see fireball falling here and there and what’s more is that the DS Nintendo brings it very much closer to life through its touch screen systems! So get hold of this game if you want some real life action.

The Legend Of Zelda: Spirit Tracks

Bringing out the princess Zelda in action, this is one extraordinary game that leaves the player wondering the unexpected. A fun filled game in which you first plan your way to recover Zelda’s body, then put the rails of the train right on track and off you go on the train, tooting and whistling on the way!

Dragon Quest IX: Sentinels Of The Starry Skies

This game is one of a kind. You get to feel the real importance and control of power in itself. You face the slimes who are your enemies, converting into larger slimes yet you have the opportunities to devise strategies to counter them in an effective manner. This game is your chance to make the most of your power and to show your enemies what can get them into trouble.

Mario & Luigi: Bowser’s Inside Story

The super Mario series are a favorite of everyone; just about any age! See Mario cope up with the castle building, fight his way through the DS game and keep yourself engrossed with the remote controller swaying from one side to the other in an effort to jump higher and higher and launch a punch on the enemy! This game is really among the makers of the game and is not merely an innovation- it’s the continuation of a legacy!

The World Ends With You

The world beyond ours: yes the underground world! The gamer is required to complete the tasks that have been assigned by the Reapers. Failure to comply will result in the erasure of the player from that world. Play smooth and calm; a task a day and keep playing for a week and you shall see! Explore the rest!

Infinite Space

A game full of drama and enthusiasm; it really does capture your attention. You get the chance to change boy robots into girl robots and can also go through the agony of building your own ship! With a tight space environment, you have ships that are waiting to be loaded with various parts and then are ready to be launched and perform. Experience a plethora of different ships zooming here and there and get a chance to manifest your own strength and also defend yourself in the meanwhile! Station yourself appropriately and avoid saying “What the grus!”

Golden Sun: Dark Dawn

Changing histories and bringing the two worlds together, the golden sun dark dawn is the game that starts itself from where it was left- after 30 years of the devastation caused by the golden sun. A lot of things similar to Zelda, the gamer gets to shield, fire, block shunts and freeze water among the many actions. All in all, it is one heck of a game to go for all the action lovers and those who have been following the series.

Jam With The Band

A game that anyone and everyone can play – fairly simple yet interesting at the same time. The music is of course the most epic elements of all. You can simply choose one of your favorite tunes by the press of a button or can get into the more complexities by listening to some hard rhythm music and getting into the different eight parts that the music is divided into.

Might & Magic: Clash Of The Heroes

Play this game if you like a ‘one man show’. Yes, you can show off your solo fighting skills in this game because the game is constantly evolved to outnumber you through the huge number of enemies presented before you and the forces that will eventually throw you down.

Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

Here you get to convert the worst of the worse into the best; yes you have the ability to recreate, to unfold the death of one world and revamp it into another. So, you play a huge degree of drama and then you go through the most difficult of the tasks to convert death into epic glory.

Animal Crossing

Playing your worst nightmare is what this game can be summed up to be. Well, figuratively of course. You witness your neighbors being converted into wild headed beasts. All in all, it is a simple lovely game where you just look after your house, pay your mortgage, do some household chores, experience household events and talk to people around you.

New Super Mario Bros

The king of the video games is back! Yes ladies and gentlemen, ALL HAIL MARIO! Mario is back with a bang and there is much more than the coin filled sky in this game. It’s time to get some revamping done in the game and receive honors for capturing that big mushroom in the game! Relive the Nintendo love with this game.

Professor Layton And The Lost Future

We would all want to know and decide before hand what we want in our futures. This game is all about that; getting into entirely new worlds with a spin of the clock, visiting old memories and springing into the future. It’s more about a sophisticated Layton who runs through his life time and again, making changes and solving mysteries. Go for this one if you’re a mystery lover!

Pokemon Black/White

Back to the old world of Pokemon, we get to relive the memories we had made back in 1999. There may be points where you will have to apply new techniques, but well, at the same time you will have to make an inevitable correlation between the present and the past. Enjoy the childhood memories you made with Pikachu!


Although shortened to the maximum, the game is still very close to the original one and still gives the same feel to the gamer. Chibiterasu, the new character, follows along the same lines of the original game and you have to do the same things: clear up the land that’s infected, help the dead trees rise to life and of course fight the villains.

WarioWare D.I.Y

An awesomely designed game, that is pretty simple to understand after you have read the instructions carefully. The WarioWare gives you a lot of control in the game and you design objects you want and then even decide their placement in the game. Although the introductory tutorials can sometimes get on your nerves, it really pays off for what lies ahead for you.

Final Fantasy XII: Revenant Wings

Greatest pleasure? Find out what Vaan and his gang is up to! A perfect challenge, the Final Fantasy game is bent upon accelerating your gaming skills to the next level and ensures that your experience is made worthwhile. You also get the chance to improve the skills of your players by training them and also having them play in battles especially in side missions. They can also grow into Espers; the monsters who add positively to your team power.

WarioWare: Touched!

So named for its launch in the US, the WarioWare Touched is one hell of an experience with all the improved tactics and the Mario characters. There is also a new character called Mike and you will have to use the microphone off and on to blow at different points in the game.

Chrono Trigger

Making its way in a small game world, the Chrono Trigger is a game that you will find lacks in many aspects. The graphics especially let you down and you will often find them to be very disturbing and very old; something that you would find back in the 1990s. However, the game still doesn’t fail to entertain you and it will make you fall in love with RPGs all over again.

Henry Hatsworth In The Puzzling Adventure

Never give up. That is the golden rule the world runs on. So Hatsworth is going to keep trying again and again even if he loses the treasures he has acquired or even fails to get through to the treasures. Henry Hatsworth is a game full of opportunities to explore and you can earn yourself save points to get to the highest level of the game in a short span of time. Switch screens and learn the basic tricks and you’re on it!

Mario Kart DS

A racing game that brings the thrill to it by giving you so many obstacles that you would end up losing, even if you were a lap ahead of your opponents! A fun filled game that keeps you engrossed for the while you are at it, Mario Kart is definitely a safe buy in terms of keeping you and your child entertained. The very fact that it is among the Mario series is enough to keep you wanting more of it!

Chibi Robo: Park Patrol

A gold hearted person with a restricted battery life, Chibi Robo is not just restricted to the maintenance of the house but rather performs more specialized activities. These include renovating a rundown park and changing a deserted area into a place that people will be more fond of visiting. The little robot with strictly limited resources helps you set up a friendly area in the game.

Harvest Moon: Island Of Happiness

Perhaps it was the failure of the Magical Melody that triggered a better game to be placed in the market. The stylus is an important part of this game as every movement relates to it. You can make a better land for yourself by putting in larger amounts of money and raising more money. However, a little problem may arise in storing the goods you have. But that a tiny loophole which you may find a way out of!

999: 9 Hours, 9 Persons, 9 Doors

Although the name is pretty straight forward as to what you have in store in the game, the game itself is not quite that straight forward. The game begins with the story of nine people who wake up on a ship that is about to sink in nine hours and has nine doors from which to find your way put. Pretty spooky isn’t it? So you enter these different rooms and dig down further into the mystery. Join the puzzle and make your way out!

Plants Vs Zombies

The zombies want to get hold of the plants and the Popcap wants to defend his plantation in the front, back and rooftop of the house. So you make an army of plants and then defend their rights. Sure enough, this game does have a social appeal to it alongside being an excellent game to play!

Suikoden Tierkreis

This is a game that is full of writings, such that even Tolkien could come forward and say ‘Why So much writing?’ Nevertheless, this RPG game is bound to give you a good time and the action and fighting is what gives it the complete vigor. It is a comparatively easy game in the sense that there are very minute chances of a ‘game over!’ showing on your screens and you have a chance of deputing a number of teams to a number of areas for the larger missions.

Osu!Tatakae Ouendan 2

Ouendan is a cheerleading squad that will take away all your worries! It is a sequel to the successful first part and sets the same stage for you. You play the game and if any trouble arises, the chanting of ‘ouendan!’ will help you through your troubles. If you’re a troublemaker, go for this one and learn how to solve the troubles created!

Space Invaders Extreme: Vol 2

Perhaps the success of any game is to relate it thoroughly to the previous version so as to instill a greater sense of affiliation among the players, while at the same time adjusting it for the more innovative technology and bringing it up to the required, new standards. It now has two screens that will help you keep updated with the actions of the enemies. You can enter the Bingo mode easily as well which is a source of securing huge points. So if you’re up for some rigorous gaming and some frantic moves, this game is right-on spot for you.

Dragon Quest Monsters: Joker 2

Jurrasic Park monsters or those in cartoons- they all come in all kinds of sizes and colors with the common agenda of terrorizing you. Well, the Dragon Quest takes you on a route where you are expected to follow these monsters and kill them off; hide in a dungeon and make a surprise attack on them. No matter how great the difference in sizes you experience between yourself and your enemies, you always have some technique in this game to give your opponent a hard time. So don’t be overwhelmed when you see a giant monster on your screen- fight your way through!

Bomberman II

With practically the same story underlying the bomberman game and with a little transformation of the outlook of the character itself, the bomberman allows you to compete with up to 8 people on the game. You can also get hold of some equipment and keep defending yourself.

Zoo Keeper

Another form of the game ‘Bejeweled’, the zoo keeper is an all-time favorite for most youngsters. Adjust the level settings and keep catching the animals to reach onto the next levels. A very easy game to get you rolling!

Viva Pinata: Pocket Paradise

Made for people who love gardening, this game allows the players to plant lands and water them as well so that they can grow better crops. You can also train an army of helpers and can leave the less important tasks to them while you work on your ‘major’ projects. The trick in this is to master the minor tactics that will help in growing and maintaining the farm paradise.

Glory Of Heracles

After the son of Zeus, Heracles, this game narrates stories of his heroic and powerful achievements. The game is full of weaponry; you are furnished with a new one every now and then and you get to use the herbs in your bags as well. It is an easy game and you should go for it if you have been a fan of the Suikoden Tierkreis series.

Lego Rock Band

So lego turns ‘cool’ with its rockband. While you play the game, you can score points to buy the different kinds of costumes, instruments, furniture, as well as human resource like spiritual guru and an accountant. The game can cater up to 4 people and is simple to play and it keeps the Lego legacy running!

Picross 3D

Numbers dictating your game – yes that’s what it is all about. A puzzle turned into a game, the Picross 3D allows you to unveil what is inside the cube by using different numerical clues. You may get stuck in the middle but all you have to do is swerve here and there about the block to get the answer to your little mystery. Go for it if you want an easily downloadable game.

Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: Rings Of Fate

A little along the lines of the Phantasy Star Online, this Final Fantasy game allows you to decide for the kinds of attacks and the magic you would want in your games. If you play this game by yourself, you will be able to enjoy more of the action while if you play with others, you will be able to unveil a number of different combinations of the spells.

Kirby: Power Paintbrush

Part of the DS touch screen, this UK based Kirby Power paintbrush give you a chance to perform in a number of capacities; a designer, a graffiti artist, and of course, a player. A very manual based game in which you facilitate the way your Kirby moves by drawing different rainbows, barriers and ledges and further using the stylus to aid you. Buy it to bring out the creativity in you!

Tetris 3D

Starting originally from the game boy, the Tetris game is the master of all the puzzles out there. You can engage up to 4 people in this game. However, the involving of so many players will often result in a haphazard movement of objects from here to there, where you will be unable to determine what is being shot at whom. Nevertheless, it is a beautiful game to play with some variation inculcated in it such as the catch, puzzle and the touch modes.

Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor

This game series talks about how Tokyo has been first captured and then gotten rid of all the demons. Launched in a similar set up, this game will attract to the same set of people. The strategies to be employed are more or less similar to the ones used in Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy. The game is not as exciting as its previous parts but it does give the gamer a good time through the persona 3’s way of calling up the creatures.

Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney

Revolving around the world of law, the phoenix wright, at most junctions does not wholly depict the real world of law. The extended court scenes give you a real feel of the law. You move around in adventure and as with the advanced wars, the old, dusty places and the inclusion of the touch screen then gives you a feel of the real world.

Super Scribblenauts

Genius at solving problems? Well this is the game for you then! The vast vocabulary and the opportunities to stand up against medieval enemies is one of the challenges in this game. You just need to get used to the slight changes that occur off and on.

Mario Vs Donkey Kong: Mini-Land Mayhem

Trap down those enemies and make your way through with the Mario and the donkey. Although it is another one of the best of the Mario series, the apes still hold a grudge against Mario and even though many years have passed, these apes still won’t lie!

Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon

Fighting in the war room, you make your way against the enemy by using various weapons. Since you are the general of the war room, you can get hold of the majority of the artillery within the room and can stand up strong against the enemy. You have got to keep surviving as this is the only way you can move up to the next levels.

Castlevania: Dawn Of Sorrow

A Metroid is surrounded by trouble. Yes that is what castlevania can be taken as. Finding your way through the mazes, you need to determine the exact chambers and tunnels to guide your way. As you move forward, your enemies seem to be gaining more strength and you are able to unlock areas that were previously inaccessible. All in all, a great adventure!

Puzzle Series Vol 5: Slitherlink

If you’re an ace at solving puzzles, this game is something you’d enjoy. Beginning with a few numbers at first, you eventually have to face the more advanced levels and will have to bog your minds to solve the mysteries.

Sonic Rush

Runnn! Yes, that’s what Sonic does! At the speed of light, sonic moves through the various tunnels and guides to make your way through. You can add some more racing into it by playing along with a couple of friends. A perfect game for a group of friends playing together!

Kirby Mass Attack

Helppp!! Kirby’s in trouble! Yes, the evil magician has split up Kirby into tiny pieces of Kirby and now you need to fight it off. You’ve got to launch mass attacks on your enemy and kill them off to save your face. Enjoy the power of the multitude!

Bangai-O Spirits

One of the most hardcore games, Bangai is a game full of shooting and puzzling the enemy to get your way through. You need to destroy particular things that are told to you during the course of the game. sUse weaponry and make no mistake and you are good to go!

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