Nokia Launched Nokia Asha 305, 306, and 311

Nokia, after its successful run of Asha series at the recently concluded Mobile World Congress has launched its new range of Symbian S40 mobile devices tagged Nokia Asha series. The three Nokia phones in question are Nokia Asha 305, Nokia Asha 306 and the Nokia Asha 311. These three new nokia devices comes gifted with awesome features, unlike Asha 202 and 203 that comes with qwerty keypad for better user typing experience like a Blackberry device, they come with touch screen touch facility.

These new devices; Asha 305, Asha 306, and the Asha 311 are sure to give you a great experience of using Nokia devices if you can try them out for yourself – the three devices filled the void left behind in many of the past Nokia devices. And the other benefit is that they come with cool and affordable price which means anybody can afford them without hassle.Nokia asha series


Nokia in its press release announced Asha 305 with a 3.5G functionality along with a 1 GHz Processor Speed while the Asha 306 comes with a Dual SIM functionality coupled with a 2 MP Camera option. However, the Nokia Asha 311 is certain to be the cheapest Wi-Fi enabled smart phone once it is released in to the market with its awesome features and asking price. Nokia has announced that these three phones will be shipped soon – the asha 305 will be shipped out around this quarter (the second quarter of this year) while the Asha 306 and the Asha 311 will become available in the market in the third quarter of this year.

The prices for these three devices are as follows:

Nokia Asha 305: $79 (Rs.4424 in India)

Nokia Asha 306: $85 (Rs.4760 in India)

Nokia Asha 311: $115 (Rs.6440 in India)

These three powerful gadgets comes with the normal Asha Torch Platform along with Nokia default browser 2.0 for better user browsing experience. The browser according to Nokia, is capable of compressing webpages to the maximum level so that it can reduce data charges from the service provider. And it also comes with support for over 10,000 web applications that’s proudly available for all Asha devices. Apart from that, these gadgets also has support for Nokia mapping services.

And when it comes to socializing, Nokia has integrated into the device an access to Facebook and Twitter in the pre-loaded app list for easy access.

When it comes to Entertainment, we all know that Nokia is one of the best companies to mention, they have made these three new phones a great entertainment tools for everyone!

Nokia has announced that there’s a support for each user of any of these three devices to download up to 40 mobile games that is powered by Electronic Arts such as Bejeweled®, Tetris®, Need for Speed® and EA SPORTS FIFA 12 all for FREE!

Another exciting thing about these powerful devices is that the popular Angry Birds game is pre-loaded on them for user’s fun! And in the game, as the owner you can play up to 15 levels of the game without hassle.

The specifications and features of these new mobile devices from Nokia are as follows:

Nokia Asha 305 specs and features

The new Asha 305 features many functionalities and few of them are explained below for your reading pleasure:

  • 3.0” WQVGA resistive screen touch.
  • Built-in speaker.
  • 2 MP nice looking camera for taking note of good instances of life.
  • Music player and standard FM radio.
  • It supports Plug and Play for faster Phone-to-PC connection and transfer of files to media folders.
  • GPRS and EDGE internet connectivity feature – this is where I hate the phone a lot because it does not support the worldwide accepted 3G or 4G internet connectivity.
  • It comes loaded with Nokia Maps for navigating from place to places along with Nokia Life (though it is limited to selected markets).
  • It features different colours; Silver White, Mid Blue, Red and Dark Grey (the colour varies by market)
Nokia Asha 305 review, price and specs
Asha 305 review

Nokia Asha 306 specs and features

There’s one thing that fascinate me with this device, and that thing is the similarity of features that this gadget shares with 305 version of these series release. The two devices share the same features and few of them are explained below:

  • It also comes loaded with a 3.0” WQVGA resistive screen touch.
  • It has default built-in speaker for better sound system output.
  • 2 MP camera.
  • Music Player.
  • Nokia Maps.
  • FM radio.
  • Plug and Play feature and it also support phone to PC connection for transferring of media files.
  • GPRS and EDGE internet connection.
  • Colours: Mid Blue, Silver White, Red and Dark Grey colour.
Nokia Asha 306 specs and features
Nokia Asha 306 specs

Nokia Asha 311 Features

Unlike Asha 305 and 305 that comes with similar features, this version comes different from the two – it is the mother of all! It has many other features that truly differentiate it from the formal and we have carefully list them below:

  • It comes with a 3.0” scratch resistant and capacitive glass screen
  • Gifted with a Polarised display filters which is mainly for better usability of the telephone in a direct sunlight
  • It comes with a support for WLAN (Cheapest Wi-Fi Enabled Handset)
  • 3.2 MP camera: unlike the two that has been mentioned above, they all support 2 megapixel of camera quality but this one surpasses that level with a 3.2 MegaPixel of camera functionality.
  • Music Player, Internet and FM Radio.
  • Plug and Play, easy PC connection and file transfer
  • 1GHz processor
  • HSPA connectivity
  • Nokia Life and Nokia Maps (but only available in selected markets)
  • Colours: Dark Grey, Blue, Brown, Rose Red and Sand White (colours of this phone versions will vary by market)

These are the great and awesome of the Nokia Asha series that just entered the market and I hope you’d enjoy buying any of these great devices? I know you will!

Please if you have any question of suggestion about these gadgets, please share your comment in the comment section of this great tech blog (:)) and we shall surely respond to them one after the other.

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