Nokia Lumia 822 and HTC 8X from Verizon billed for November 8th

Nokia Lumia 822 & HTC 8X billed for November 8th from Verizon

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Verizon hasn’t been recognized as the best place to purchase Windows Phones, but the company which is the major nation’s largest carrier is making a strong effort to get involved in the Windows business with Windows Phone 8.

According to a picture which was sent to Phone Area by a tipster which was reported on the blog showing HTC 8X in ‘California Blue’ and the new Nokia Lumia 822 in white (credit to WP Central). As it is seen in the photo, the two brand new devices were branded with the carrier’s name.

But for the latter handset, that is a given since the new and about to be launched Nokia Lumia 822 is a Verizon exclusive.

Though, this news might be interesting to hear and I’m very sure that you’ll want more information. So, we present few of the information for your reading pleasure!nokia lumia 822 and HTC 8X

Recently, there was a leak in the Big Red’s MAP, rumour has it that the pricing is the same as the abovementioned fee gotten from the tipster’s claims (previously, the tipster claims the price is set at $99.99 for the new Nokia Lumia 822 and the new HTC 8X will arrive at $199.99). Aside that, both device will come with Verizon’s obligatory 2 year contract for your information.

The tipster continues further claiming that the pair will likely to be launched through Verizon network on November 8th, next month!

That date is quite different from the one on the BR List but the release is certain to make you guys on Verizon network happy! Isn’t it?

And he concluded saying Verizon will most likely be offering some strange Samsung make’s Windows Phone 8 handset with a signed contract.HTC 8X

This device is going to be different! It is not like the previously reviewed Samsung ATIV S but other mock-up that hasn’t been seen in public.

BTW, it is nice to see Verizon pushing for action into the Windows Phone 8 handsets industry.

What we are now expecting from Verizon is the official announcements in respect to these. With AT&T recently rumoured to be planning a launch of its Nokia Lumia 920 version starting from November 11th, and we believe this move will force Verizon to go ahead in launching their Windows Phone 8 handset models, the Nokia Lumia 822 and the HTC 8X, before its rival’s launch of the Nokia Lumia 920 on Nov 11th.

Via: WPCentral || PhoneArea

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