What is a Normal Website?

A normal website is the type of website that you always see on the internet that looks in form of publication page. A normal website is website that have regular article on it either on daily basis or on weekly basis. These kinds of website are mainly created for the purpose of using it to reach out to some group of people that are in need of a solution to their problems.

The problem can be in any form, it may be on how they can make money on the internet, or how to can become successful in their business career, or on relationship like the site of my friend, Jane Sheeba.

Normal website is publication-oriented website. It is always update with good contents and most of the content (articles) on this type of website is for the intention of teaching others on a particular subject.

Normal website is the opposite of a static website because it is always updated on regular basis, which is not the case with a static website page because the sites are always for the purpose of selling or branding purpose.

This article was mainly written to let you understand what a content oriented website was in difference to a static website that does not have content on it regularly. You can read the rest of the article on this subject on how to increase your website traffic on the page here.

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