Barack Obama to Start Tweeting From His Twitter @BarackObama

Barack Obama Started Tweeting again

funny barack obama laughing at republicans for 2012 electionsAccording to Mashable, The U.S. President, Barack Obama right from now will tweet from his @BarackObama official Twitter account. The tweeting process will be handle by some of the Presidential re-election’s staffs. They are the one that will be managing his Twitter.com and Facebook.com account for regular tweeting about the the president and some other vital information that he has to share with the people.

President Obama Twitter and Facebook account back to work

One of the Rep in the congress also confirmed that The Commander-In-Chief will only be tweeting on his own account but, the tweet from the President will come in this format “-BO”. which represents Barack Obama in full meaning.

The president @BarackObama account has been in existence since the time of the election campaign in 2007 when The President was first using the social networking media for his presidential campaign back then in 2007.

In the meantime, Barack Obama’s successful campaign has been driven by great technologies that was made available by the Obama 2012 campaign team.

Recently, Olukunle Moses authored an article on how technology has really affected Barack Obama’s Second term presidential campaign, and I truly agree with his opinions. Because, without these technologies in Obama’s campaign, maybe the election result might have been worse.

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In conclusion

I’m expecting Barack Obama to become the President of the United States of America once more. That’s my personal wish for him but I don’t know what’s your wish.

Go Obama!

What do you think about President Barack Obama’s intention in using his abandoned Twitter account to kick-start his second term presidential ambition? Do you have any clue about this move or you think otherwise? Please share all you’ve got with me in the comment second below

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