Official WordCamp Cuttack 2012 – here comes the opportunity

Here comes the official WordCamp Cuttack 2012

Indian bloggers where are you? I hope you are here reading right?

Something great is about to happen in India and I need to let you know so that it wouldn’t happen without you taking part in it.

What’s the hell about it? It is the 2012 official WordCamp Cuttack event which is going to come up next month.

It is going to takes place in Cuttack, Odisha in India in between 10 and 12 of March this year.

WordCamp Cuttack 2012In history, the first WordCamp was organised and administered by Matt Mullenweg of Then, he organised the event in San Francisco, which was his base even till this moment. And since then, there are many other bloggers who have taken over from his achievement by organizing this kind of event in their country for the online WordPress community.

This year event in India is going to come up in two different sessions; one is called Unconference while the other is called Workshop.

The two events are somehow different to each other. Why?

In terms of the fee to be paid for transportation and others are different.

If you are going to enter for the Unconference, you will have to pay the total sum of $500 per yourself while the workshop is going to cost you $600 (that is $100 difference right).

The moment and the kind of experience you are going to gather from the event are certainly gonna be something you will never forget.

Though, I started mentioning the Indians, does that means this event is mainly for the India people alone, you can be part of this event from any part of the world where you are located. Getting access to the event is very easy because the ticket is available online for any interested blogger to catch up with the event.

Many intelligent personnel will be around to facilitate you for better understanding of the popular blogging software, WordPress of course.

Among the high personalities you should be expecting is the current president, Soumya Pratihari who also doubles as the founder and CEO of iDev India.

The workshop session of this event offers the newbie’s an opportunity to learn, unlearn and relearn everything they needed to know about the WordPress software and its community. It will give them chances to see the geeks and high profiled bloggers who are major in WordPress environment.

The Unconference version on the other hand gives everyone the ability to mingle and meet new people from all part of the world. You can have one-on-one chat with these people, thereby helping you to create a good relationship with other business minded people as you are.

You can book your ticket online here if you are to attend this event, so that means you have nothing to lose if you are attending the program.

Thanks for reading and also, do not forget that the official techatlast contest is still on, you can join from here.

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