About Olawale Daniel

About Olawale Daniel (Founder)

Olawale Daniel Tayo’ is a lifestyle coach and speaker, a technology enthusiast who loves writing and web programming (interested in knowing about each coding source and inspiration). He consults with individuals and organizations on business related opportunities.

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Olawale Daniel is a Nigerian-based blogger-cum-psychologist who believes in the phrase “sharing is caring.” He started his blogging journey back in 2002, when he was privileged to attend some life-changing seminar series in Lagos, a very popular city in Nigeria.

According to him, he started the journey 11 years ago, going from one business seminar to the other, seeking viable information that would lead to financial freedom as a victim of poverty from childhood, but he was unable to achieve that dream not until he met another person of interest, someone with no interest in what is in his pocket but the zeal to succeed.

“I first heard about the possibilities of making money online, doing what I love to do most (I’m a tech-freak through and through), so it was a welcome development for me.”

But the story changed, there wasn’t enough capital to get started immediately. I had to wait for years to get my idea polished and start the journey to greatness in blogging about technology news, hack and tutorials.”

In 2010, with little knowledge of how MMO works through investments, Legalinternetmoney.com came into being; the domain was aimed at creating real make money online ideas for people who would care to learn them and make money. But along the line, the blog was abandoned due to little how to knowledge of customizing WordPress to suit my needs unlike Blogger; that time I was using Thesis theme and the whole customization looks difficult than how it is now.

Since we all know that a lack of result adds to what makes many bloggers quit early, I quited as well. I did that not because I didn’t believe in the system, but because I needed a break to think about my failure and lapses.

In 2011, I told myself I just had to do it right this time or never.

Olawale Daniel Tayo

This time it worked because I started doing what I love to do. Robert Kiyosaki, the co-author of, Rich Dad Poor Dad said in one of his books that you have to do what you care about – not what people think you should care about.

Being the youngest of my siblings helped me a lot in learning though, but the road wasn’t that rosy. But to God be the glory.

Educational Background

I currently hold a school-leaving certificate, and I’m presently working on my Bachelor of Science courses at the University of Ibadan, U.I., studying social science which has a lot to do with how people think and behave the way they do. Some may decide to call it psychology, while other believe it is all about socializing and learning about people’s behavior, and to some, it is a tough-people discipline. 🙁

Mind you, University of Ibadan is the first premier university in Africa history till date. It is located around Agbowo-Bodija area in the state metropolis. Have got my hands tied with some professional courses in line with my industry from institutions such as Stanford University, Princeton and host of other foreign institutions.

Life after Technology

Technology is basically what makes me think differently, and you can’t expect me to do something different. However, that doesn’t mean I’m not working on other great projects.

In fact, the current project I’m working on is going to be a sure-fire success for the internet world in general once it is launched.

If I’m not working on my project, TechAtLast, where else do I spend most of my time? I write articles and monitor my other three blogs, Alliance In Motion Nigeria, and his personal blog, OlawaleDaniel.com. And even the newest two; BSWOD and FOBCourse.com.

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