What you can do with your old iPhone now that you have a new one

Transition from old iphone to new iPhone

With the new iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus now on the market, we are seeing a huge trend of older mobile devices suddenly being considered irrelevant. If you have made the switch yourself, then you may still have your previous device laying around somewhere. What can this older device now do for you? As it turns out, there are numerous uses for it. If your older iPhone is still in your possession and you want to find a purpose for it, then continue reading to learn about five ways in which you can dispose of it, use it or make money off of it.

Deciding Not to Upgrade

We can often be convinced rather easily that our perfectly good technology is in need of replacement. With billions of pounds annually spent on marketing and advertising, it is no wonder many fall for this. But your older iPhone may still be perfectly fine (looking at you, iPhone 5s owners). If you haven’t upgraded yet and have an iPhone that was purchased within the past two years, ask yourself what you really need in a new device, and whether you actually need it. Such a decision – if you haven’t already upgraded – can save you hundreds of pounds in mobile costs.

Giving Someone a Gift

Giving your old iPhone as a gift

Not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to afford an upgrade, or necessarily understand the reasons for doing so. If you know someone who is in dire need of a new phone (or a phone at all), then consider giving them your old iPhone as a gift. Friends and family members may not be in the situation to get the latest gadgets, and will certainly appreciate even an older device that you deem no longer worthy. If they do not currently have service, then the best way for them to go in terms of cost would be with a SIM-only plan, which has shorter contracts and lower monthly payments. SIM Only Expert is a good place to look for SIM only plans, comparing dozens of different options available from all the UK network providers.

Trading It for Credit or Cash

If you’d like a quick and easy way to get a bit of cash for your old iPhone, then you have a couple of choices to consider. The first one is a potential trade-in program (only available to those who haven’t yet upgraded). From time to time – especially when new Apple products are released – carriers will allow you to get partial credit toward a new phone when you trade in an older device. The other choice is sending your old iPhone to a company that recycles or resells them. In either case, the payout/credit received will not as substantial, but it is a fast way to unload the device onto someone else and make a little money in the process.

Using It for Something Else

You may not have considered what will happen if your new iPhone 6 or 6 Plus suddenly becomes damaged or otherwise stops working. This can be a difficult time for anyone who has to rely upon their mobile device for work or pleasure. Having insurance will get you back on your feet, but it will take time to obtain a fix or replacement. In order to be prepared, some iPhone users will keep their old devices in order to have a backup if needed. While you have the device, you can also choose to use it as a MP3 player, gaming system or other media solution: the possibilities are endless. You can find 10 smart ways to reuse your old iPhone here.

Selling It Directly

Selling your old iPhone now that you have a new one

Rather than dealing with a company or carrier who will pay you a fraction of what your device is worth, why not consider selling it yourself? Several different auction sites and platforms are available to consumers who are looking to buy and sell mobile devices. Seeing as how you’ll get a better rate selling through here and buyers will find lower prices than they would through a refurbished option, you’ll have no trouble at all selling the device. Even if it is damaged, many people will buy older iPhones in order to use their functioning parts to repair other iPhones. Sites such as Amazon will even allow you to list your old mobile devices and sell them to the public (find out more about Amazon’s selling policies here).

Make the Right Choice

With so many options to consider, you may feel a bit overwhelmed. Know that this is not a bad situation: you can choose how you’d like to handle the presence of your old iPhone in order to get the most effectiveness out of its future potential. It doesn’t matter if you have a friend in need, need a bit of cash yourself, or need to find a new purpose for your old device: you now know how to act.

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